Week of November 30th







Cortez Kitchen

  Messenger Buzz Factor  Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones

Swordfish Grill

 Blues Jam with Jason Haram Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones Tim Chandlers   Stockton Brothers

 Tim Chandler       The Wheedles

Clam Factory

The Masons Group Therapy Band

Outside  Donnie Bostic  Inside BC & The Gang

 Football Sunday
Bunny & Pirates  Hagar & Dugan  Adam Wood  Erin McCarthy  

Island Time

Brian McCarthy

Mojo 5

Glass Onion Band Eric Von

AMI Beach Cafe

 Closed  Mike Sales & Scott Blum Drum Circle  Chuck Caudill & Scott Bobby Remp

Blue Marlin

   Taylor Opie  Trevor Bystrom  
Freckled Fin   Blues to Backstreet  TJ Jentgens  

Bridge Tender


Stone Crab Steve

 Brigids Cross 3PM    Dos Macs 

  Terry Helm  4 PM Doug Bidwell 8PM

 Packers 1  Stockton Bros 7
Seafood Shack Rock the Dock        


 Aces is closing it's doors, no more music.  Maybe a new venue later.      


  Rye Road  Karaoke

Eric Von   Flight 19 

Raw Vinyl 

 NFL Football

Banna Factory


 Albert Bashore         Steve Arvy Band   

 Danny Fox Trio  Karaoke

American Legion

Ugly Grouper Chris Warner Rob Viola Adam Hocker Stockton Brothers

Caddies Point

 Trivia Night  Dr. Dave Band Chello Holiday  Buckley Island Chill

Motorworks Brewing

Poker Night  Kara & Kalidagroove Tropical BLVD.  Eric Von

Daiquiri Deck St. Armands

Noel Harris DJK Crawford Scott Curts  

Linger Lodge

   Karaoke John Frinzi  

Peggy's Corral

  Power Surge  Dustin Sedlak  The Ordeal

Woodies River Ru

Messenger Jesse Byers   Rye Road

Stone Buckle Band Arrival Band

Soul R Coaster Lauren Amaris

Darwin Brewing Co.    DJ Victor Amato Divebombers    
Tarpon Bay   Alber Bashore  Koko & Karma  

Marina Jacks

 Kettle of Fish Coastal Jamz Sarasota Boat Parade  Bain Beakley

Mattison's Bradenton

 Doug Deming Kat Crosby   Doug Deming  Blues Jam Riverwalk

Mattison's City Grill

Venturas Skyway Lisa Ridings Band  Debbie Keeton Jazz Band

Meadows Grill


Jr.'s Packing House

 Florida Mountain Boys Green Maple & White Crow Band North Trail Band  

Blue Rooster

 Duke Robilard Band Toronzo Cannon

Kettle of Fish

Gospel Brunch   Truality

Stragglers Bar

    Forbidden Fruit Farmers Old Glory Band
Gilligans Siesta Key Ken Wanovich DJ Nate Brown Chris Otto   Mike Kach  DJ Nate Brown DYMD   Ted Stevens DJ Conn

 Ken Wanovich

Siesta Keu Oyster Bar

  Dana & Co   Bears NFL

Whiteleather  Big Daddy Brek Milo vince Berardi   Mike Tozier  Vince Coliaocco Rob Viola Hatley

Stottlemyers Smoke House

 Version 3.0  Liverpool Live  Dr. Dave  Bird Tribe

Skippers Smoke House

 Uncle John's Band

Comback Alice Does Led Zep  Tony Tyler Trance

Tim Reynolds + TR3  The Rectifiers  Free Whiskey Band    

 Harper & The Midwest Kind Twinkle & Rock Soul Radio Ellie Lee Band