Paradise Bay Activities Committee

Minutes of January 8, 2024

Carl K. called meeting to order 10:00 a.m.

Prayer was said by Carl K.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Present: Jim G., Carl K., Wendy G., and Karen R. and 19 others

Christmas Dinner:  Ken gave the Activities Committee $90 from the ham sales.  He told us that he would no longer be in charge of the Christmas Dinner but if possible would help.  He handed over all the paperwork.  Carl K. said he would ask members of the Bocce Club if they would like to be in charge of the Christmas Dinner.

Secretary report:  The minutes of the last meeting were previously emailed.  There were no additions or corrections so the minutes will stand as posted.

Treasury report:  Balance is approximately $9,000.

Co-Presidents’ report:  Carl K. informed us that the Activities Committee purchased a label maker to be used to label any cabinets, drawers, etc. that contain supplies and materials.  There are some empty cabinets in the Hall.  If anyone needs a place to store their items, please let us know.

Vice President report:  none

Old Business: none

New Business:

1.Bayfest-Saturday, March 2, 2024-George M. is still willing to be in charge of the games.  They will be held in the Annex.  Carl K. will be in charge of the food with the help of the Pickleball Club.  Jim G. will be in charge of the Parade and Golf Cart Rodeo.  Wendy G. will take care of the raffles.  Jim G., Carl K. and Barbara G. have solicited gifts for the raffles from local businesses.  The theme this year is Tropical.  Jim G. said there should be an email blast to notify everyone about the theme.  Carl K. said we will discuss and assign responsibilities at our next meeting and make a sign up sheet for volunteers to be passed out at the Coffee Hour. 

2.Italian Dinner-Saturday, February 10, 2024-John Mattei is in charge.

3.Use of Park Facilities-There was a lot of discussion about anyone being able to reserve or use any of the Park facilities if it was available.  Carl K. made a motion that any shareholder who wants to have an event in any of the facilities that is not occupied on the calendar by some previous activity is allowed to reserve that time slot in their name.  It was seconded by Cathy.  It passed with a majority vote with 3 opposed.  Peggy made a motion to rescind the previous motion.  It was seconded by Joyce F.  It passed unanimously.  It was decided that this issue should be referred to the Board of Directors.  David B. told us he would like to use the Helm’s House on Thursday, January 11th from 4-6 p.m for a Fantasy Football Draft with 20 people.  Without any objection, Carl K. told Lee to put it on the Calendar. 

Committee Reports:

Euchre:  Mary F. said she heard that SaraBay will be changing their Euchre to be on Monday which is the same night as she has it.  If that happens, there wouldn’t be enough people because several of them are from SaraBay.  Carl K. said he would talk with someone at SaraBay to find out what is happening and get back with Mary.

Boating & Fishing Club:  George M.- Frank & Bean Dinner on Sat., Jan. 27 at 4-6 p.m. the tickets are $8 or 2 for $15.  Boat inspections on Jan. 27th at 8 a.m. by the docks by the U.S. Coast Guard.  During the Coffee Hour on Monday, January 15th, we will be auctioning off a boat trip on Jim G.’s pontoon.  The Park has donated a used kayak trailer.  They need some supplies to fix it up and were wondering if the Activities Committee would pay for them.  They will present the requested amount at the next meeting for an approval. 

Dances: Debbie G.-This Saturday at 4-6 p.m, the Philly Cheesesteak food truck will be by the Shuffleboard courts before the Sweet Fleet Dance.

Ladies Friendship Club: Cathy M.-our monthly meeting is this Wednesday, January 10th.  Members and guests will be donating items for a “baby shower” for SOLVE Maternity Homes.  Cathy mentioned some of the requested items.  We will be distributing flowers on Valentine’s Day to anyone 90 years or older.  On Saturday, February 3rd we will have a luncheon, bake sale and Gift Basket raffle during the Craft show.

Bingo: Joyce N. presented a check for $229 from Cash Awards to the Activities Committee.  Bingo has been going great with bigger crowds then in the past 2-3 years.

Historical Committee:  Brenda O.-She is looking for some people to take over.

Pancake Breakfast: Lynn J.- Due to the increase in the cost of food and supplies, they are raising the price to $4.00, this year.  SaraBay will be charging the same amount, too.

Luminaires: Anita C.- She thanked everyone for their help on Christmas Eve. Brenda O. made a motion to purchase 200 tall candles. It was seconded by Lynn J. It passed unanimously.

Bible Study: Dan S.- He will not be able to do the Bible Study anymore.  There are other Bible Studies taking place in the Sarasota Bay Rec Hall.

Waterfront Worship: Dan S.- He will continue doing it on Sundays.

Golf League:  Jim G.-they meet at Pinebrook Ironwood on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. and tee off about noon.

Comments:  Bill Nicholson, as a representative of the Board of Directors, thanked everyone for their hard work in making a great environment for our Park.  He, also, said the Board recommends everyone vote yes to waive the Reserves.

Mary F. knows someone who would like to attend some type of computer/tablet class.  Mary said she would ask someone who might be interested in instructing a class.

MOTION TO ADJOURN made by Cathy, 2nd by Anita, motion passed.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, January 22, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

Respectively submitted by Karen Rimatzki