Paradise Bay Activities Committee

Minutes of January 24, 2022 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Carl Kerr at 10:03 a.m.

Prayer was said by Brenda Ocenasek.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Present were: Carl Kerr, Co-President, Karen Rimatzki, Secretary, Donna Matteson, Board Assistant and 13 members.


Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the last meeting were previously emailed, posted on the bulletin board in the Paradise Bay Hall and copies handed out at the meeting. There were no additions or corrections so the minutes will stand as posted.

Treasurer’s Report: Wendy Graf was absent so Karen Rimatzki gave the report. The balance is $8,773.69. However, there has been expenditures approved in the amount of $3,500 which leaves $5,273.69 available. The report will stand as read.

Co-President’s Report: Carl K. stated that the Ladies Friendship Club did a wonderful job of deep cleaning the kitchen last week. However, Carl thinks the stove needs to be cleaned professionally so he will speak with Kathy, the Park Manager, about having that done. Electronic ignitors have been ordered for the stove. Donna M. mentioned that the burners have begin to rust because they are cast iron and have not been cleaned properly. They need to be dried and seasoned after each use.

Bayfest is still being planned. It will be held by the pool area. Jean C. mentioned that in the past we had a Dunk Tank but the water was very cold. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to warm up the water.

We are waiting for a permit for the electronic sign.


Vice President’s report: none

Old Business

New Business


Committee reports/update

Bingo-Joyce Farrington stated that there were 109 people last Monday compared to 86 the week before.

Craft Show-Jean Colson told us it will be on Saturday, February 5th. She introduced Linda Fortier as her Co-Chairperson. Jean asked if it would be alright to have one of the vendors set up outside due to Covid concerns. Everyone thought that would be fine.

Dances-Debbie Greeves-The dance Friday was very well attended. Information and the schedule for the Dances and Food Trucks are posted in Sarasota Bay and Paradise Bay Rec Halls. There are still 15-20 season tickets available for sale. All donations from the Dance on February 26th with Lew Russ will be given to the Activities Committee.

Pickleball-Melissa Coleman-We held our Annual Meeting, we now have 87 members. We have introduced two new Pickleball 101 Sessions. We can only have 20 people and both sessions are full. There is a problem with the wind blowing water on the courts from the sprinklers. The wind screen would cost $360.00. The Pickleball Party will be on February 25th. There might be a 50/50 raffle that proceeds would be donated to Activities Committee.

Euchre-Mary Fox-It’s on Mondays at 6:30 sharp with a cost of $1.00 for 7 games; there were 16 people playing last Monday.

Newsletter-Joyce Nicholson-Tomorrow, February 25th is the deadline to submit articles for the Newsletter. She requested information about Pickleball. The Italian Dinner has been canceled. Coffee Hour is the 1st & 3rd Monday. The Activities Committee Meeting is the 2nd & 4th Monday. There was some confusion about the starting time of the Sunday Service. Carl said he would have Shana contact Joyce. Also, the Health Fair is canceled but there might be some handouts distributed. Joyce will check with Susan M. about that.

Historical Committee -Brenda Ocenasek-She attended the Welcome Reception at Paradise Bay Rec Hall and Open House at the Sarasota Bay Rec Hall. There were a couple of people interested in our committee. We are still looking for people to help our committee with filing.

Board Representative-Debra Rogers-She texted Randy Darr about the wind screen at the Pickleball courts. He said that the Board of Directors and Park will pay for all or part of the wind screen.

Shuffleboard-Donna Matteson-They will be hosting an Amateur State Tournament on January 31st all day. Anyone can play. It is necessary to preregister in advance at the Shuffleboard Court.

Set up of tables & chairs for Events-Donna Matteson-She is in the process of developing a schedule for setting up or removing tables & chairs for events, if it isn’t being done by Maintenance.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Tom and seconded by Mary at 11:10 a.m.

Respectively submitted by Karen Rimatzki