Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:        2/11/20                1:05 PM                                Number attending:  35

Meeting started with a Prayer by Susan Miller, followed by lunch served.

Introductions and welcoming of new members and visitors was made.


Minutes of the last meeting were previously sent by email, posted on bulletin board and club website and members present approved them as posted.

Treasurer’s report:  

Craft Show profit: Lunch $822.02 Donuts 69.64   Gift Baskets $257.00 Bake Sale $402.00 previously approved to be dedicated to Meals on Wheels. Total of all fundraisers for Craft Show, Feb 1, was approx. $1550.

Current balance in our account is $3,566.27. Treasurers report was accepted as presented.


A thank you was offered to all who were involved in the fundraisers we had on the day of the Craft Bazaar on Feb. 1., including the gift basket raffle, bake sale, and luncheon.

Esther Henige introduced Peggy Kerwin, Executive Director of “Solve Maternity Home” for a presentation about their organization and how it helps local women/girls in the community. They have four homes in the area, with 25 residential beds and help girls with maternity needs, educational opportunities and getting ahead.

Susan announced we made our presentation to the Activity committee for how we will proceed with the Welcoming committee and we are awaiting their approval/feedback.

Planned upcoming events:

Hot dog sale and bake sale during the community Yard Sale, 3/14, 9 am-1pm at 4-J, Sally Seighman’s carport. Sally Seighman will be in charge. Will need bake sale items donated also.

Fashion show, 2/27/20 1:00 pm.

All tickets have been sold, approx. 224. Deadline to have donated door prizes to Lori Jacob is 6 pm on 2/25.

Cookie donations need to be at the kitchen by Thursday, 2/27 at 10:00 am.

Models are scheduled to go to Bealls on Wed, 2/19 and Thurs, 2/20 for picking outfits.

Door prize tickets and programs will be at each place setting. Joyce N is doing programs, Wendy G will coordinate decorations with Jo Wagner from Sarabay. Susan M is working with Kathy from Sarabay to have a video running prior to the show starting. Greeters will be Heidy K (PB) and Jane H (SB). Helpers in the kitchen and setup need to arrive by 10:00 am on 2/27. Servers will provide drink refills until the start time of the show.

Bealls will bring the clothes to the hall on the day of the Show.

New Business:

Discussion of charities to which we can donate included:

Meals on Wheels: It was voted and approved unanimously to round up the donation over and above the previously committed bake sale proceeds to a total $500.

Activity Committee: It was voted and approved unanimously to donate $350 for use of some kitchen supplies and to assist with other activities unable to raise funds.

Solve Maternity Home:   It was voted and approved unanimously to give this local charity $500.00

St. Jude: Voted and approved unanimously to donate $500.

Previously donated this year: $1,700.00

$500 for move-in buckets to Turning Points.

$400 for Downtown Ministries, $400 for F.E.L.T., and $400 for Southwest High school girl’s basketball team.

Total donated this year to date, including that approved today, is $3,600.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 PM and several members stayed to fill move-in buckets to Turning Points.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 11, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Nicholson, Secretary

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