Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:     12/11/19         1:00 PM                       Number attending:  23

Introductions and welcoming of new members and visitors.

Meeting started with a Prayer by Susan Miller, followed by lunch served.

Treasurer’s report:   New balance carried over is $1,808.09. We have a new checking account now, opened by Joyce Farrington, new treasurer. We made $513.52 on the luncheon, $61.00 on donut & coffee sales, $235.00 on the gift basket raffle, and $473.00 on the bake sale for a total of $1,258.56. Current balance is $3066.65. Joyce Farrington is accepting dues, $5, at this meeting.

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved after one amendment.

Old Business:

New Business:

Planned upcoming events:

Next craft show is Saturday, Feb. 1

Hot dog sales at the community Yard Sale, Susan will check with the activities committee on the date and report at next meeting.

Discussion about the fashion show, suggestions to change the date to earlier this year and have more styles shown. Susan will check with Christopher & Banks for dates around 2/20 or 2/27. Susan Miller will be in charge and Jean Colson will help.

Discussion of charities to which we can donateincluded:

---Esther H. gave a report on the Susan B. Komen fund and planned parenthood relationship. She suggested a “Charity Watch list” to be consulted about those charities which share monies with planned parenthood. ---------Phyllis Cook reported about a new charity called “Downtown Ministries”.

---Heidy Kiess talked about projects for Turning Points and their need for move-in packets for those homeless veterans getting a new residence. She will speak at the next coffee hour to ask for donations also.

---Jean Colson discussed “Meals on Wheels”. It was announced someone from this organization would be at our next meeting to present information.

Comment was made about how much the national organizations spend on administration. Past minutes were reviewed and a list of all those we have already donated to earlier this year was read. Susan asked us all to present the names of any organizations we might have an interest in donating to, and decisions would be made at a later date.

A vote was taken and approved to give Heidy $500 to purchase items for the move-in packets.

It was announced that Joyce and Susan would look into getting another $250.00 grant from Thrivent and others might research if they have options such as this related to any organization they may belong to .

The Activity Committee, through the Welcome reception group have asked if we would be interested in forming a mall group to welcome new residents to the park and get them information more timely to their arrival rather than waiting for their annual welcome reception to receive vital park information. No decision was made at this time, but several members expressed an interest in helping to do this. It was brought up that since the new management company is in place, we are not sure what information new residents are being given, i.e directory, contact information, activity offerings, rules, etc. Joyce Farrington mentioned as a new shareholder, she received none of this information. We will have more discussion of this at a later meeting.

Joyce Nicholson had t-shirts from Thrivent for any members who wished to have them and the rest were given to Heidy to take to Turning Points.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 PM. Next meeting is Jan 8, 2020.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Nicholson, Secretary

Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

  • Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

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