Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: 4/10/19              Number attending: 24
Introductions of new members and visitors.
Meeting started with a Poem & Prayer by Heidy Kiess, followed by lunch served
Thank you gifts were presented from the club to the 4 office staff members who shared lunch with us today.
Treasurer’s report: Total balance $2,458.09. Fashion Show income was $462.00, expenses = ?
Hot Dog Sales income 1,022.57 and $19.00 donation, expenses = ? Final amounts made on each event will be announced when all expense receipts are in. Report approved/accepted as given.
Joyce Nicholson announced she applied for a donation from Thrivent Services and received $250.00 which she presented to the club treasurer, leaving a total of $2,08.09.
Minutes of last meeting approved/accepted as posted

Old Business:

--Heidy announced the person in Paradise Bay who needed our help with plumbing expenses was helped out by someone else who did the work.
--Heidy thanked all members for their support during her Presidency.
--Cookbooks were distributed to those present at this meeting. Joyce will have additional ones at the next meeting for those who did not receive one.
Fashion Show comments to improve next year’s event:
---Several comments received that it was too short, not enough clothing/outfits shown
---Discussion about having it earlier in the season to get better service from Christopher & Banks as they commented they had so many shows in the days leading up to ours.
---Comments received about Thursday being a good day of the week for the event.

New Business:

Suggestions were made for possible donations to be made:
--His Girls Blessings --St. Jude’s
--Breast Cancer/Susan G. Komen Fund --American Cancer Society
--Hope Family Services --Feeding Empty Little Tummies
--Local Childrens Hospital --A.L.S.
Some listed above have already received donations from us this year.
Those receiving a motion/second, & approved at this time by the members present:
--His Girls Blessings $250.00
--St. Judes $250.00
--American Cancer Society, dedicated to Manatee County $250.00

Discussion was held regarding our club’s choices to donate to groups who support planned parenthood and abortions. There was also a question brought forward about our preferences to donate & support local vs. national charities. Comment was made about how much the national organizations spend on administration. Some responses indicated we could donate to National organizations with local chapters to ensure funds remain dedicated locally. Several members volunteered to research Susan G. Komen fund (E. Henige), A.L.S. (J. Picard), and local children’s hospital/services ( S. Miller).
It was agreed by the group to wait until fall & completed research to designate other charities for donation.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:05pm followed by members filling 20 hygiene kits for donation to Turning Points.


Respectfully submitted by Joyce Nicholson, Secretary

Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

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