Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:   01/09/2019  12:30 pm      Number attending:   33

Meeting started with a Poem & Prayer by Sylvia Fenton, Chaplain, followed by lunch served

Minutes of last meeting accepted as posted

Treasurer’s report:      Was $2,842.63 to start, last month voted to donate total of $1900.  Current cash on hand is $1,002.63.  Phyllis Cook is taking membership dues today.

All new members and/or guests were introduced and welcomed.

Old Business:

--Meetings were voted at the last meeting to be moved to 1:00 pm this season in response to request from the Bocce Club.

--Recipe update:  still being typed and will need someone to help with proofreading

--Craft Show Luncheon coming up on Feb 2, still need a leader, however several volunteered to help.  As no one volunteered to be in charge, Joyce Nicholson and Joyce Farrington offered to do it together.  Several club members volunteered to help that day and they will be contacted later with assignments.

--Reminder to all that we will need baked goods for the sale and items for the gift basket raffle.

--Upcoming dates: 

Craft show bake sale—Feb 2

Craft Show gift basket raffle—Feb 2

Craft Show Luncheon—Feb 2

Parkwide garage sale & hot dog/ bake sale—March 9

Fashion Show—March 21

New Business:

--Sally announced the thrift shop is in need of Volunteers who can help work.  Name and address is:  His Girls Bless ‘n shop,  902 8th Ave. W, Bradenton.

--Hot Dog sale at the park-wide garage sale will be March 9 from 9am-1 pm at Sally’s house, 4-J.  Need help to cook and also need bake sale items.  We have had success in the past with items such as cookies, muffins, breakfast breads, etc. 

--Approximately 23 boxes were collected for Our Daily Bread through the “12 days of Christmas”  program.  They picked them up during today’s meeting.

--Violet Anderson questioned the status of the industrial can opener for the kitchen which she researched last year and was approved by the club to purchase.  It has not been purchased as yet.  Those present were unaware of the status and Violet said she would resubmit the information from Amazon to the officers. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, Feb 13, 1:00 PM

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Nicholson, Secretary

Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

  • Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

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