Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:   12/12/18   12:30 pm      Number attending:   21

Meeting started with a Poem & Prayer by Sylvia Fenton, Chaplain, followed by lunch served

Minutes of last meeting accepted as posted

Treasurer’s report:      Approximately $2,800 in treasury at this time.  $599 made from bake sale and raffle.  Luncheon profit was 479.91.  Joyce Nicholson is taking membership dues today in Phyllis’ absence.

All new members and/or guests were introduced and welcomed.

Old Business:

--Thank you to all who donated or helped with the bake sale, gift basket raffle, and luncheon.

--Heidy reminded all to get recipes to Joyce Nicholson if you haven’t already.

--Heidy reported on the amount of backpacks, move-in kits, and new bicycles we were able to provide to Turning Points for homeless veterans last year.

--Heidy asked if anyone objected to changing our start time for Jan-March meetings to 1:00PM as requested by the Bocce group to allow more of their members to participate with us.  There were no objections to the change.

--Shirley Dockery, who has been in charge of the last several luncheons will not be able to do the one in February, so we need someone to step up to be the leader of the one for February.  Joyce F, Paula P, Judy S., Susan M, and Joyce N offered to assist with the new leader with planning & preparation.

New Business:

--Calendars from the The Guide Dogs Association are available for those who want them.

--Ladies Friendship Club will be serving coffee hour on Monday, 12/17…please be there at 9:00 and wear your Thrivent t-shirts.

--Donations to local charities:  Motions were made, seconded, and voted approval for the following:

                “His Girls” Bless ‘n Shop                            $200

                Salvation Army                                          $500

                Turning Points Move-in packs                    $500

                F.E.L.T.                                                      $300

                SouthEast High School girls basketball     $300

                Activity Committee                                    $100

--The group agreed to leave $900 in the treasury at this time to be considered for disbursement at a later time.

--Upcoming dates  -- details at upcoming meetings

                Feb 2                     Craft Show, raffle & luncheon

                March 9                Parkwide Garage Sale where we will do hot dog sales again as this is a good fund-raiser(sold approx. 350 last yr.)

                March 21             Fashion Show

--Next meeting scheduled for January 9, 1:00 PM

Meeting was adjourned at  1:40 pm

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Nicholson, Secretary

Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

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