Ladies’ Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2018

Heidy opened the meeting with a prayer and then welcomed everyone.

Luncheon was served, with remarks about the good cooks in our group.

Treasurer’s Report was accepted by unanimous vote.

It was decided by all to have the Fashion Show again.

We sold 134 tickets for this year’s show.  Next years fashion show will be March 21, 2019.

Speakers at the coffee hour were highly regarded.

Several thank you letters were read from various charities.

The Hot Dog Sale at 4 J St. was very successful, we sold 300 dogs.

Passing around a list for members to work the hot dog sale next year.

Heidy read the constitution changes.  Members from both parks and honorary memberships, seconded by Sandra Barei. Vote approved changes.

Heidy wants to buy two (2) bikes with proceeds from the bracelet sales.  Sold one case of bracelets.  Motion from Violet Oswalt, seconded by Karen Rimatzki to buy bikes. 

Passing around a list for volunteers to help with hot dog sale next year, they will meet January of next year.  Sale will still be held at Sally Seighmans at 4 J St.

Donate another $150 to the activity board.  Motion from Anna Kleiner, seconded Sharon Rimatzki.

Lynn Jones said the kitchen is in need of a can opener to open large # cans. 

Violet Oswalt is looking into the cost of purchasing one. 

It was decided to keep $1,000.00 in the treasury over the summer. 

Motion by Sandra Barei to donate St. Joseph’s food bank and soup kitchen $250.00 each also $250.00 to Our Daily Bread.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Seighman, V.P. for J. Nicholson, Secretary


Amended on 4/10/18--Violet Oswalt corrected to Violet Anderson in two instances.  Joyce Nicholson

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