Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:____2/14/18_______       Number attending: __37_

Poem & Prayer by Sylvia Fenton, Chaplain, followed by lunch served

Minutes of last meeting were accepted as posted.

 Treasurer’s report:   We made the following funds this past month:  Gift Basket raffle= $209,  Bake Sale = $534.50, and Craft Sale Luncheon = $705.77.  Current cash on hand is $3446.39  

 Old Business:

Heidi shared thanks to Lynn, Sandra, and Arlene for the decorations.  A thank you note was received from Turning Points for the recent donations.  A picture of Heidi and the Turning Points Veterans’ Program Supervisors was shared with the group.

On Feb 26 we will do a skit (Hillbilly Fashion Show) at coffee hour to advertise our upcoming Fashion Show on March 7.  We will be selling tickets for March 7 and veterans bracelets at that coffee hour.  Remember to wear your Thrivent shirts and bracelets.

The Activities committee has asked for volunteers for the Bayfest celebration on March 3.  They need dancers, those for table service, and to make root beer floats.  See Heidi if you wish to volunteer on that date.

Upcoming dates for which we have commitments & needs are:    

Mon., Feb 26 – Hillbilly Style Show skit at coffee hour.  Tickets for the March 7 Fashion Show will be for sale.  Veterans’ bracelets will be handed out to those giving a $5 donation to the Veterans’ fund.

Fri., March 2 – Assigned models (3/7 Fashion show) will travel to Christopher & Banks for fittings.

Wed., March 7 –Christopher & Banks sponsored Style Show, please everyone make 2-3 dozen small cookies                 

Sat., March 10 – Park-wide Garage Sale, we are selling hotdogs at 4-J St., we need items for bake sale, and muffins and/or scones for breakfast sale.  Anyone willing to help with sales that day should let Heidi or Sally know.   Sally asked for someone to make a sign for the hot dag sales to be put at the end of 7th St. and a member present volunteered to make one.                                                                                                                                                           Mon., March 12 – Heidi will have two persons who supervise the Turning Points Veterans Program to speak at coffee hour and all members should attend.  Please remember to wear your Thrivent shirts.                                                     

 Wed., March 14 –Next regular meeting, we will be filling another 20 bags for the homeless veterans.

 New Business:

A draft of the updated/revised constitution was passed out to all, Joyce advised those present what changes are being recommended.  A vote to approve will be taken at the next meeting.

Heidi asked for volunteers for a nominating committee as an election of new officers needs to occur at the next meeting.  After discussion & requests from members, the current officers agreed to run again.

An update was given on the Thrivent grants for Turning Points and the family in Paradise Bay who had hurricane damage to their roof.  Additional monies were given by local neighbors and this allowed them to also get a new water heater they needed.  The work has helped this family to become more outgoing and changed their lives for the better.

So far this season we have donated $1,468 in Cash, Supplies and Grant money to charities and others in our community.

It was moved, seconded, and approved by the members present that we should make donations at this time to the following organizations/charities:                                                                 Southeast High School Girls’ Basketball team = $300                                                                                                                    

F.E.L.T. = $300                                                                                                                                                                                      

Hope Family Services = $1000                                                                                                                                                           

West Manatee Fire Dept scholarship program = $250                                                                                                                 

Paradise Bay Activities Committee = $200

Heidi would like to purchase a new bike for Turning Points veterans’ program.  Joyce will write a letter to Walmart to request a donation or discount for us to purchase one.

There was discussion regarding the amount for us to keep in the treasury at the end of season to begin next year, suggestions were made for $500 or $1000.  It was generally agreed to wait until next month to set that amount after our upcoming fundraisers and additional donations which will be considered at the next meeting.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 14 at 12:30 pm.

Meeting was adjourned.

Members present proceeded to fill 20 bags for our Turning Points Veterans’ Project.

Ladies Friendship Club Constitution

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