Greetings from Scotty Yates, Paradise Bay Dockmaster

The current dock wait lists updated 2/1/2022 is available at the office and posted at the fish station billboards. If you have signed up for the Paradise Bay/ Sarasota Bay dock lists and your name or information is incorrect, have been left off the list or not in the correct order please contact me and we will get that fixed.

Reminding all boaters if you have a dock now and purchase a new/bigger boat your dock cannot be guaranteed. If you have storage and you purchase a new/bigger trailer your storage space cannot be guaranteed.

The Dockmaster is required to assign docks by boat size. ALWAYS check before you buy a bigger boat.

The Dock billing season is from January 1-December 31. Next year bills will be mailed or delivered October 1 and due November 1 for the 2023 season. This will make it more manageable to assign open docks for upcoming seasons.

Now that “season” is in full swing, the Dockmaster has been instructed by the Board of Directors to utilize all Dock slips.

ALL ASSIGNED DOCKS MUST BE ACTIVELY IN USE and have the shareholders boat at the dock or lose dock privileges.

Paradise Bay Boat Rules and Regulations pertaining to deteriorating boats and trailers are to be enforced as all boats must be kept in seaworthy condition and trailers must be in serviceable working order.

We are all looking forward to a great season of boating & fishing in our beautiful piece of “Paradise.”

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support!

Scotty Yates

Paradise Bay Dockmaster

Boat/Fishing Club Recent Articles

  • July Boating Fishing Club Updates +

    Hello Everyone,

    As Summer Heats Up a Few Notes for July from the Boating and Fishing Club.

    Great Video on of a Manatee rescue by FWC of a Momma and baby on our Bay Front. Kevin Sullivan and several others in the park did a nice job of recording the event, a Great must See.

     FWC will decide to possibly open Snook and Red Fish September 1st, lets keep our fingers crossed.

    The Boating and Fishing club has been working on several new projects for the upcoming 2022/2023 season.

    New Boating and Fishing Club Shirts are going to be the coolest new item to wear this upcoming season, Club members will be first to be styling around the park in them and they will be available to all Paradsie Bay residents for an additional five bucks above Club members price.

    Kevin Sullivan has been working on the Kayak lanuch

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  • Dockmaster Update 05/22 +

    May 21, 2022


    Well, it is summertime at Paradise Bay and the fun is just getting started.

    The best excitement so far.... Jim Gath in his kayak, single handed rescued and towed a 22 ft. “Trophy” boat to safety at the dock while 4 Paradise Bay Boaters cheered him on. Good job Jim!!

    The Paradise Bay main boat ramp at 5 th street is scheduled to start work soon.

    I will post the schedule as we get closer to the construction date. If you need your boat in or out of the water during the down time on the ramp the North Coquina Beach Ramp is very accessible.

    Do not use the Paradise Bay gravel ramp at 103 rd St Ct.

    If you choose to use The Paradise Bay Ramp at 106 th St, be advised, it is in terrible condition with a 2

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  • April 5th Boating & Fishing Club Meeting Notes +

    April 5, 2022

    Paradise Bay Sarasota Bay Boating & Fishing Club


    President: Larry Blank

    Vice President: Chris Matteson

    Treasurer: Kevin Sullivan

    Secretary: George Mullen

    The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by President Larry Blank with 46 members present.

    Secretary: March Minutes were Read.

    Vice President: Chris Matteson spoke about the Easter Dinner and passed a clip board for volunteers to help. Chris also thanked Sandy VanEtten, for the donation of a Penn Rod and Reel that was won by Steve Lucas. Chris also spoke about needing volunteers to chair the various activities in the Boat and Fishing Club.

    Treasurer: Kevin Sullivan Gave the monthly Treasurer Report, and Awarded Fishing Contest Prizes to the Winners,
    Kevin discussed the Clubs New shirt design ideas, after several ideas from the membership were expressed there was a committee formed to finalize the design.

    That committee includes, Sheila Gilstrap, Jim and Sharon

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  • March 17th 2022 One Day NON WINNERS Fishing Contest RESULTS +

    Spotted Sea Trout 

    Gregg Ennis 17" st ($15)

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  • Winning Ticket for Rod Reel Raffle +

    Winning ticket drawn for the rod an reel the PB/SB fishing Club 

    To claim Rod Reel contact Chris Matteson at 231 740 2237

    Ticket number 644700



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  • March 10th 2022 One Day Fishing Contest +

     March 10th 2022 Fishing Contest
    1st John Sparks 17 5/8" ($15)
    2nd Jim Tamski 16 1/4" ($10)
    Spotted Seatrout
    1st Rick Plite 17" ($15)
    Spanish Mackerel
    Brad Irwin 23 7/8" ($15)
    Norm Kitchen 23 1/8" ($10)
    Pete Pellegrino 22 1/2" ($5)
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  • March 2022 Minutes +

    March 1, 2022

    Paradise Bay Sarasota Bay Boating & Fishing Club

    President, Rick Plite

    Vice President, Chris Matteson

    Treasurer, Kevin Sullivan

    Secretary, Sheila Gilstrap

    The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Rick Plite with 45 members present. Rick thanked Sheila Gilstrap for her 10 years serving as Secretary and was presented a bouquet of flowers.

    MOTION: Award Membership Dues waived for Sheila for her service. PASSED

    ELECTION OF OFFICERS 2022-2023 Season

    President: Larry Blank

    Vice President: Chris Matteson

    Treasurer: Kevin Sullivan

    Secretary: George Mullen

    MOTION: Slate of Officers to serve 2022-2023 PASSESD

    VP Report: Chris announced 50/50 Today and subsequent meetings. Sandy VanEtten donated a Rod from her husband Tom, chances are available until March 10, 2022. A clipboard was passed for volunteer opportunities for our club’s many activities.

    Treasurer: Contest Award winners read, monthly report, Submission accepted. Kevin Thanked Rod Kramer for his donation of

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  • February Monthly Contest 2022 +

    February 28, 2022

    February Monthly Fishing Contest

    Black Drum

    1st Brian Bourgeois 22"


    1st Ed Springer 17 1/4"

    2nd Ge Stepanski 13 3/4"

    3rd Bill Vasel 13 1/2"


    1st Brad Irwin 19"

    2nd George Cook 18"

    3rd Rod Kramer 16 1/2"


    1st Rod Kramer 16 3/4"

    2nd Norm Kitchen 15 1/2"

    3rd Gil Gallardo 12 3/4"

    Black Sea Bass

    1st Rick Plite 11"

    2nd Kris Lemonds 10 1/2"

    Red Grouper

    1st Steve Lucas 26 1/2"

    2nd Rod Kramer 22 1/2"

    Spotted Seatrout

    1st Rod Kramer 26"

    2nd Ed Springer 21 1/2"

    3rd John Mattei 21"


    1st Brian Bourgeois 14"


    1st Bill Vasel 14"

    Spanish Mackerel

    1st Gil Gallardo 24"

    2nd Pete Pellgrino 21 1/2"

    T3rd Joyce Stepanski 20 1/2"

    T3rd Dave Hornstein 20 1/2"

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  • Calendar 2022-2023 +

    2022 – 2023 Boat & Fish Club Calendar of Events

    NOVEMBER 2022

    11/7/22 MON 9:30 AM Host Coffee Hour PB Hall

    11/8/22 TUE 9:00 AM Club Meeting PB Hall

    11/17/22 THURS One Day Fish Contest

    11/18/22 FRI Fish Contest Rain Date

    DECEMBER 2022

    12/6/22 TUE 9:00 AM Club Meeting PB Hall

    12/15/22 THURS One Day Fish Contest

    12/16/22 FRI Fish Contest Rain Date

    JANUARY 2023

    1/2/23 MON 9:30 AM Host Coffee Hour PB Hall

    1/3/23 TUE 9:00 AM Club Meeting PB Hall

    1/19/23 THURS One Day Fish Contest

    1/20/23 FRI Fish Contest Rain Date

    FEBRUARY 2023

    2/7/23 TUE 9:00 AM Meeting  PB Hall

    2/09/23 THURS Women’s Only Fish Contest

    2/10/23 FRI Fish Contest Rain Date

    2/16/23 THURS One Day Fish Contest

    2/17/23 FRI Fish Contest Rain Date

    2/18/23 FRI 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CPR/AED PB Hall

    2/25/23 SAT 4-6 PM Frank & Bean Dinner PB Hall

    2/28/23         TUE 11:00 MARCH/Meeting/Chili Luncheon

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  • March 2022 Newsletter +

    Paradise Bay Sarasota Bay Boating & Fishing Club

    February has been a busy month, thanks to Mark and Gail Noren who oversaw the busy and successful Coast Guard Auxiliary boat safety inspections.  Rick Plite led 9 vessels on a journey, he reported:      As far as the boat trip we had a fun trip with 9 boats exploring Palma Sola Bay and a couple canals. Then we watched the rocket launch from Palma Sola Bay and continued to the end of Anna Maria Island. We went through the passage and around the Bimini Bay Area and returned on the west side of the bay by the Billfish boat launch and back to the park. Seems like the trip was enjoyed by all who participated.  A second trip will be on Feb 24, with wind and weather dictating if we go south or north.  

    Looking ahead the March 1 meeting will

    Read More
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