April 6,  2021

Rick Plite, President

Chris Matteson, Vice President

Kevin Sullivan, Treasurer

Sheila Gilstrap, Secretary

The Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Rick Plite.  The Fisherman’s Prayer was read, 51 members were present.

President Rick Plite reported Flounder regulation is now 14” minimum.  Coast Guard requires vessels under 26’ that lanyards with kill switch must be attached to Captain when under way.

Please do NOT Power load your vessel onto your trailer.  Damage is being done at the ramps.

Snook, Redfish and Trout regulation changes are pending by FWC, they will be updated end of May.  The FWC has a YouTube video for discussion.  https://youtu.be/xBiH4a8Oryk

MOTION: Place signs saying NO POWER LOADING at boat ramps.  Passed.

Paradisebay.info is THE website to access information on our club.    The kayak storage situation is still under question. The Board has not been positive on his issue. 

Vice President Report:  Chris Matteson has Fishing Regulation materials available.  Hats & T shirts are available.

Treasurer’s Report and Secretary Minutes were read and approved.  Contest Fish awards for March were awarded.  Kevin reported the mini reef has been purchased and installation will be sometime mid to late April.

PBB&FC Treasurer's Report:         April 2021



Begin Balance (March 2, 2021)



New Checks



Dock habitat



Ending Balance (Mar 31, 2021)




Begin Balance (March 2, 2021)



Dues Donations



Feb refreshments



Contest Awards



Ending Balance (Mar 31, 2021)

Dockmaster Report:  Scotty Yates on the Boat Dock Wait List, there are over 60 on PB List and 10 on SB list.  Dock Rules are available, and they may undergo a revision this year.  The Maximum Boat length is 23’, width 8.5’.  If a dock becomes available boats 12-18’ in length may get a dock quicker depending on which dock is open.  Storage is NOT guaranteed when you get a dock space.  Improvements to the storage lot include a new fence and gate, thanks to all who worked on this project.When boats are stored leave your motor down, do not lock trailer tongue or wheels.  Lock code will be changing often to avoid unauthorized use of the ramp and storage access.  The Boat Assist List is being revised.

Rick Plite reminded Award winners the Club Rules state YOU must receive your contest awards in Person, At the Meeting.  After 3 meetings the money will be returned to Club account.

Don Vogel asked anyone cleaning barnacles at the ramp or pad in storage area to please clean the area when you are done.  

Meeting was adjourned 9:37 AM

Boat/Fishing Club Recent Articles

  • March 2023 Fishing Contest Results +

    March 2023 Monthly Fishing Contest Results


    1st Brian Bourgeois 31"

    2nd Rod Kramer 30.5"


    1st Norm Kitchen 17.5"

    2nd Stan Hellenbrand 13.5"

    3rd Sheila Gilstrap 12.5"

    Spanish Mackerel

    1st Norm Kitchen 18.625"

    2nd Sheila Gilstrap 18"

    3rd Ron Prieskorn 16.875"


    1st Brian Bourgeois 18.5"

    2nd Jim Tamski 17.5"

    3rd John Sparks 17.25"


    1st John Halteman 26.75"

    2nd Rod Kramer 26.125"

    Spotted Seatrout

    1st Bill Booher 24.75"

    2nd John Halteman 24.25"

    3rd Rod Kramer 23"

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  • April 3rd 2023 Boating Trip +

    The PB/SB Boating and Fishing clubs next boating trip will be April 3rd at 11:30am.  Rain date is the 4th. We will meeting at the boat launch by 5th st. The trip will head up the Manatee River and have lunch at Woody's River Roo. 

    Any questions or additional informtion should be address to any Boat Fish Club board member.

    Should be a fun last trip of the season.

    Hope to see You there. 

    George Mullen


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  • March 9th One Day Fishing Contest +

                 March 9 2023

      One Day Fishing Contest


    1st Bill Booher     23 ¼”

    Spotted Seatrout

    1st Steve Stordeur  20 ½”

    1st Rod Kramer      20 ½”

    2nd Bill Booher      19 ¼”

    3rd Norm Kitchen   17 ¼”

    3rd Steve Lucas     17 ¼”

    Spanish Mackeral

    1st Sheila Gilstrap  20”

    2nd Norm Kitchen  19 ½”

    Pete Pelegrino       19 1/2

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  • March 2023 Meeting Minutes +

    February 28th, 2023

    Paradise Bay Sarasota Bay Boating & Fishing Club Meeting Notes


    President: Ron Prieskorn

    Vice President: Chris Matteson

    Treasurer: Kevin Sullivan

    Secretary: George Mullen

    The meeting was called to order at 9:00am by President Ron Prieskorn.  There were 74 members present.

    Ron Led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and then recited the Fishermen’s Prayer.

    Ron asked for a motion to accept the minutes that were available to review placed on the tables. The minutes were accepted and approved by the attendees.

    Ron stated the club will not be banking with the park office. He explained our club will continue to bank with our current bank after we make some needed changes to update our account. We will then review the banking practices next year and reevaluate annually.

    Ron reported the Frank and Bean dinner was a Great Success, Ron then thanked all the volunteers that

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  • Feburary 2023 Fishing Contest +


          February 2023 Fishing Contest Results



    1st   Norm Kitchen             16”

    2nd Kelly Equimaxx           14”

    3rd John Holteman            13 ¾”


    1st Dave Holstein             16 ¾”

    2nd Sue Prieskorn            16 ½”

    3rd  Norm Kitchen             16 ¼”

    Spanish Mackeral

    1st Norm Kitchen             22 ½”

    2nd Sue Prieskorn           21 ¾”

    3rd  Stan Hellenbrand       20 ½”


    Spotted Seatrout

    1st Robert Allen                 23 ⅛”

    2nd Rod Kramer                22 ½”

    3rd Bill Booher                   21 ⅞”



    Steve Lucas                      26 ¾”

    John Halteman                  26 ⅛”

    Bill Booher                         26”



    Bill Venema                     20 1/8"

    Brian Bourgeios              14 1/4"

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  • Hot Dog and Beans 50/50 Winning Ticket # +

    We don't have a 50/50 winner for the hot dog and bean dinner, please check your tickets, the winning number is 2255841 with a total jackpot of $231. dollars 

     Contact Kevin Sullivan for payment, at # 4 on 4th st phone 941 920 3600

    George Mullen


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  • Sarasota Boating Trip Rescheduled +

    The trip to sarasota has been rescheduled to March 6th (Monday) do to large interest. 13 boats, we have decided to bring a lunch and ancher at a sand bar. We will make accommondations for bathroom stops. Trip will take about 3.5 hours of Fun. Exact departure time coming soon.



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  • Feburary 16th One Day Fishing Contest +


    February 16 2023 One Day Fishing Contest


    1st John Matte         20 ¼”


    1st John Halterman   14 ½”

    Spotted Seatrout

    1st Rod Kramer         19 ¼”

    2nd John Halterman   19”

    3rd Brian Bourgeios   15 ¼”

    Spanish Mackerel

    1st Pete Pellegrino     17 ⅛”

    2nd Norm Kitchen       16 ⅜”


    1st Stan Hellenbrand   15 ⅛”

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  • Boat Excursion Sarasota Date Change +

    The date of our boat excursion to Sarasota has been changed to March 6

    at 11:00 with a rain date of March 7.

    The restaurants in Sarasota could not handle docking our group.  

    Because of this, everyone should pack a lunch and we will go to the sand bar near Sarasota and anchor. hang out, and eat.

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  • Feburary 9 2023 Ladies one day Fishing contest +



           February 9  2023

    Spotted Sea Trout

    1st  Linda Witaker     18  ⅝”

    2nd Julie Roe             17”

    3rd   Linda Kitchen     15 ¾”

    Spanish Mackeral

    1st Linda Kitchen      18 ⅝”pp

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