Paradise Bay Activities Committee

Minutes of February 27, 2017 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Cindy Cole at 9:30 a.m.

Dan Smith led us in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Qi Gong/Zumba-Mary Weaver notified everyone that she has sold their mobile home and would be moving soon.  She, also, thanked everyone for their help and support over the years.

Minutes from the previous meeting were posted and stand approved as presented.

Treasurer’s report was given by Phyllis Cook with a balance of $6,918.01 as of 2-20-17.  There were no questions of the Treasurer’s Report.  Barbara Zorin was appointed as the Treasurer and was approved with a unanimous voice vote.

BayFest-Lori Jacob-all the jobs have been filled.  Tomorrow, Tues., Feb. 28th will be the parade to promote BayFest.  There will be valuable prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all categories i.e., cars, golf carts, bikes/trikes.  For BayFest, we still need one canopy and more gift cards for prizes.  Set up for BayFest will start at 9 a.m. on Tues., March 7th.  Thank you Lori for doing a great job.

Boating & Fishing Club-Carl Shaver-We are hosting the Easter Dinner on Sun., April 16th. Susan Miller is coordinating it and has only 7 volunteers and needs more.  Several people in attendance did offer to help.  Tickets will be distributed at the coffee hours on March 20th and April 3rd.

Friendship Club-Heidy Kiess-The Fashion Show on March 1st will have almost 200 attending with 11 models.  Also, the Friendship Club will be selling items at 24 7th St. during the Park-Wide Sale on March 4th.  Please bring any items you would like to donate to 24 7th St. on Fri., March 3rd.  All proceeds go to local charities.  All ladies are welcome to join the Friendship Club.

Bocce-Jim Kleiner-We would like to make a $200.00 donation to the Activities Committee.  We held a very fun tournament last week.  Everyone had a great time.  He thanked the Committee for helping pay for the bleachers. The concrete for the bleachers will be poured today.  Also, a banner will be displayed on the garage for Bocce.

There will be a Memorial Service on Sun., March 5th.  The Committee will pay $40.00 for the flowers.

There was discussion about allowing someone outside the park to conduct an activity.  It was in regards to allowing a Yoga instructor that isn’t a resident or renter to lead a Yoga class.  It was decided to have a meeting with the staff to resolve the issue.  

Travel-Nancy Howard-The bus is full for the Six Bridge Cruise, Starlite Majesty on March 16th.  The Cruise meeting for next year’s cruise will be on March 14th at 3 p.m.  All details will be available at that time.

Old Business:  Voting List update-corrections were made and accepted.

Directory-Carol King-The directory has been completed and will be delivered.

Jim K. asked if Pickle Ball had been approved and if so, where the court might be placed.  It was stated that Pickle Ball has not been approved, yet, and there is no definite plans on where the court would be.  Jim K. was wondering if the shelters at the shuffleboard courts next to Sarasota Bay Rec. Hall were not going to be used, he would like them for Bocce.  It was, also, mentioned that there has been injuries to people who were playing Pickle Ball and this might cause a liability issue.  

New Business:  Nominating Committee-It was decided that since Cindy Cole will accept the nomination for Vice-Chairperson and Barbara Zorin will accept the nomination for Treasurer for next year that it was not necessary to appoint a nominating committee.  It was approved by a unanimous voice vote.

Health-Rainy Dula-there was 15 people who donated blood at the Blood Mobile during the Health Fair on Feb. 22nd.

Sunshine Club-Rose Westra-Flowers were distributed to everyone 90 years or over.  Thank you for the funds.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Terry R. and seconded at 10:30 a.m.

Respectively submitted by Karen Rimatzki, Secretary


Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

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