Paradise Bay Activities Committee

Minutes of February 13, 2017 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Peggy Neely at 9:30 a.m.

Carl Shaver led us in prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Minutes from the previous meeting were posted and stand approved as presented.

Treasurer’s report was given by Phyllis Cook with a balance of $6,878.19 as of 2-8-17.  There were no questions of the Treasurer’s Report.

Friendship Club-Heidy Keiss-There will be a Fashion Show on March 1st at Paradise Bay Rec. Hall.  Tickets for $3.00 each will be on sale at the next coffee hour, 2-20-17.  Also, the Friendship Club will be selling items at 24 7th St. during the Park-Wide Sale on March 4th.  There will baked goods, hot dogs, and drinks for sale, too.

Shuffleboard-Bernie Broda-The state tournament was held here.  There were many comments on how wonderful our facilities look.

Library-Sue Cassidy-sold books during the Craft & Hobby Bazaar.  There have been many improvements to the library and it looks very nice.

Craft & Hobby Bazaar-Jean Colson-it was very successful.  There were 22 vendors.  We collected $206.00 for the tables.

Entertainment-Ken Huizinga-at the last show by Re-Creation, there was a free will donation given for $1,200.00 from the audience. In 2018, there will be 5 shows.  Season tickets are $40.00 each.  Next year will be the last year for the current Chair people.  In order to train new people on the procedure on what is done to acquire the shows each year, we need volunteers, as soon possible.  This is necessary for the Entertainment to continue for 2019 season.

Bocce-Jim Kleiner-thank you to the Activity Committee for sharing the cost of the bleachers. The cost was $737.00.  The Bocce Club and the office, also, contributed.

Health-Rainy Dula-the Health Fair is Feb. 22nd at 9-12 at the Paradise Bay Rec. Hall.  There will be 30 vendors.  There will be a raffle for various prizes with a ticket drawn every half hour. The bloodmobile will be there at 9-1.  More people are needed to sign up and/or donate blood.

BayFest-Lori Jacob-being held March 7th at 11-2.  She needed more people to run the games.  Many people at the meeting volunteered so she has enough now.  The other jobs, i.e. food, money collection, clean-up have been filled.  The Parade to promote BayFest is Feb. 28th at 10 a.m., line up at 9:30 at Sarasota Bay Rec Hall.  She would like more people to participate in the parade.  FYI-Peggy mentioned that the Corn Hole game is available for use during the year.

Decorations-need volunteer to take over in the fall. Items need to be organized.

Dance-Oldies music, Mar. 4th at 7-10 p.m. at Paradise Bay Rec. Hall.  Tickets are $10.00.  Sellers are listed in the newsletter.  More people are needed to attend.  BYOB(beer/wine)

Newsletter-Joyce-400 newsletters were delivered by street captains. The newsletters are, also, available on line and at the office.  Deadline for submissions for the newsletter is the 25th of each month.

Pancake breakfast-Arlene Sharpsten-the next pancake breakfast is Fri., Feb. 17th 8-9:30 a.m.

History-Brenda Ocenasek-would like old minutes.  The current minutes will be emailed, copied, posted at the Paradise Bay Rec. Hall and put on the website.

Boating & Fishing Club-Carl Shaver-our club meets once a month.  In order to recruit volunteers, we would need an advance notice of upcoming activities.  There has been 32 people sign up for the CPR training.  The Easter dinner will be on April 16th that is hosted by our club.  There are only 7 volunteers, now, and more are needed.

BayFest 2018 will be March 1, 2018.  Parade will tentatively be on Feb. 26 or 27, 2018.

Peggy asked whether or not we should ask to split the cost with Sarasota Bay of 2 new horseshoe pits.  Betty Trader made a motion to do so. It was seconded and passed with a unanimous voice vote.

There was discussion that the Activities listed in the Policies and Procedures needed to be updated. Also changes to the Policies and Procedures in the March 2016 meeting were invalid as the proposed changes were not in accordance with the Policies and Procedures dated 11/09/15.  Carl Shaver made a motion to have the Executive Committee review the Policies and Procedures for any needed revision, to update the Activities list and clarify who can vote with the results to be submitted at the next Activity Committee meeting.  It was seconded and passed with a unanimous voice vote.

Peggy would like to host a luncheon for volunteers and would like to know who is interested in attending.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Terry R. and seconded at 10:38 a.m.

Respectively submitted by Karen Rimatzki, Secretary

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

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