LOCATION: Outside Under the Office Carport – Masks were Required


Call to Order by President, Anne Osgood at 10:02 am

Prayer was said by Dan Smith

Pledge of Allegiance deferred (No flag visible)

Anne asked for a volunteer to record meeting minutes in Karen’s absence. No one volunteered, Shana, VP will record the minutes. Record of Attendance taken by Shana. Due to COVID, the sign-in sheet was not used.

PRESENT: 20 Anne Osgood-President, Shana Simison-VP, Wendy Graf-Treasurer, Debra Rogers-PB BOD VP Liaison, Mary Jane Clark-Shuffleboard, Donna Matteson-Decorations, Barbara Giacchetti-Exercise, Brenda Ocenasek-Historical, Carl Shaver-Boat & Fish, Dan Smith-Bible Study, Jim Gath-Golf, Jinny Kiel-Book Club, Tom Hockin-Bulletin Board, Ann Hockin-Water Aerobics, Les & Pauline Hall-Bocce, Barbara & Beverly Price-Bowling/Pressed Flowers, Randy Darr-Entertainment/Woodshop, Tom Farrington-Horseshoes

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting (March 9, 2020) were posted. There were no additions or corrections to the minutes so they will stand as posted.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Wendy Graf. Financial Profit and Loss Report made available to all members. The current bank balance is $11,370.57. There was no discussion, the report will stand as read.

President's Report: A meeting Agenda was given to all present. Anne stated that “In respect of time, we will follow the agenda. The Presidents’ & Vice Presidents’ report are informational only, there will be no discussion at this time. There will be a time for Q.&A after the activity reports”.

  • Laura Lee Smit, has moved out of the park. She was our Exec Board Assistant. The Exec Board will appoint someone for this position as stated in the Rules.
  • COVID-19 - Everyone has been doing a great job with wearing masks and social distancing. Keep up the good work.
  • Please Spread the Word - Volunteers are needed to cover the pool in the evenings whenever the temp goes below 60 degrees during the night. The volunteer Sign-Up sheet is in the office for those who wish to volunteer. It is a week commitment, Sunday to Saturday.

A blast email was sent out on 12/3/2020 addressing this issue. Only 4 people have signed up. If you have never done it, call Jim Gath at 847-525-2558 or Harry Osgood at 207-850-0169 and they will be there to instruct you. If we do not have people sign up and the forecast predicts temps below 60, the Maintenance Staff will close the pool at 4 PM before they leave, even if the Temp is in the 70’s at the time. NO SWIMMING is allowed whenever the pool is covered.

As temperatures remain low in the upcoming winter months, the Hot Tub should remain covered when not in use. Feel free to uncover it to use and then Cover it when you are finished if no one else is using it.

  • We will be purchasing a portable PA System, Battery Operated for use at outside meetings.

Vice President’s Report:

  • Health Report - Susan Miller was unable to attend, she sent in her information. Her report as read:
  • “The blood drive was very successful. 19 units were collected. My thanks to all who helped and donated. The next blood drive will be on Wed, FEB 24, 2021.
  • Susan was informed by the Health Care sponsors that they are not doing any inside fairs this season. Due to COVID, our Health Fair is canceled.
  • Ladies Friendship Club will be planning activities on a monthly basis based on the latest advice from the CDC. There is no meeting planned for JANUARY. An email to all the members will be going out later this week
  • DancesDebbie Greeves unable to attend. Her report read as written:
  • Three scheduled dances for January & February have been canceled.
  • SoulRCoaster is still tentatively booked for Bayfest Dance (FREE to all), scheduled March 6, 2021. Debbie is hoping we can all do something on the Million Dollar Lot.
  • She hope to do a 50/50 raffle during the Bayfest Dance to help raise funds to go towards next years’ Bayfest band.
  • Water Aerobics – Ann Hockin needed to leave early. Her report read as written:
  • Due to personal circumstances, Ann feels it necessary to give up the responsibilities of Water Aerobics Chair at this time.
  • Ann gives her sincere “Thanks” to Joyce Farrington & Jean Colson for “being the keepers of the keys”. Joyce will be the Interim Chairperson until Ann is able to return to her position.


  • PB Activities Committee Rules:
  • A draft of the Rules with Proposed revisions made at the March 9 meeting was emailed to members prior to this meeting. Copies were passed out and Anne explained all changes and additions made. There were no questions or discussion. Pauline Hall made the motion to accept all revisions, seconded by Jim Gath. Unanimous approval.
  • The updated Rules will be signed and Karen Rimatzki, Committee Secretary, will post them and email them out to all members.

NEW BUSINESS: New Electronic “Bulletin Board” Sign:

  • Some members on the PB BOD have been corresponding with Magee Signs, a company in Palmetto, FL to replace our manual bulletin board with a Cloud based electronic Sign. It will be in the same location on the outside of the PB Rec Hall. The Activity Events will be entered through a computer by the office staff and can be maintained by multiple people enabling entry even when the office staff is not here.
  • Magee Sign Service will survey our location to ensure the design they recommend meets with all local sign codes and ordinances. They are a State of Florida, licensed and insured electrical sign contractor. Their license allows them to apply for our sign permit in our county and city.
  • The estimated cost will be between $5,000 - $6,000. Since this will be a great benefit to all our shareholders & residents, we would like the Activities Committee to help pay for half the cost of the sign.
  • The floor was opened with little discussion. Randy Darr asked if other companies were considered. Debbi Rogers stated they had tried to get quotes from other sign companies but because of COVID none of them would come on site to do their surveys.
  • Jim Gath made a motion to approve funds up to $3,000 to be paid for the sign and Brenda Ocenasek seconded the motion. It passed with a unanimous vote.


  • INSIDE MEETINGS & GATHERINGS Per PB Board of Directors….
  • Meetings are allowed inside as long as there are NO MORE THAN 10 people present.
  • Masks and Social Distancing (6 Ft Apart) ARE REQUIRED
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS (other than personal water bottles brought from home)
  • Card Playing is NOT allowed inside any PB facility
  • All tables & chairs must be disinfected and sprayed after use (more details to follow)
  • Please inform Shana Simison, #765-318-9818 if you decide to hold your already scheduled meeting inside. If the location, date, or time is different than what appears on the calendar, Shana needs to be informed to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • OUTSIDE MEETINGS & GATHERINGS Per PB Board Of Directors…..
  • All Activities with more than 10 people must be held outside.
  • Masks and Social Distancing ARE REQUIRED
  • Only Food &/or Drink that is served by limited individuals with approval from the PB BOD is allowed (more details to follow).
  • Inform your members to bring their own chairs or golfcarts
  • Please let Shana know if you need an outside table. **Please do not call the office regarding tables or using the carport. All requests must go through Shana and she will take care of informing them.
  • We now have 2 portable microphones with speakers that you can use for your outside meetings/gatherings. These machines require electrical power. The Activity Committee is purchasing another portable speaker/microphone system that will run on power &/or battery. You must call Shana to reserve it.
  • Suggestions of Places to gather outside: You must notify Shana of any outside meetings/gatherings to avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • In back of the PB Office under the car port (Shana must be notified to inform office to move their cars)
    • The shuffleboard courts (Remember that Shufflers play every afternoon at 12:30PM)
    • The Bocce Courts (Fun Bocce is Every Wednesday, 9AM (court preparation) – 12PM and 1PM – 3PM on Wednesdays.
  • PB MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held on Sunday, MARCH 21 (Note Date Change) @ 6PM. Location TBD (depending on CDC Guidelines in March)
  • It is important that we include all our PB Shareholders & Residents who have passed away since our last Memorial Service held on MARCH 8, 2020.
  • Please Text or Email Anne Osgood, #207-850-0168, with the names of your PB friends & neighbors who you know have passed away.
  • WELCOME RECEPTION was scheduled for Friday, JAN 8, 1PM – 3PM. We need to think outside the box to come up with a plan to welcome and inform our new PB shareholders & residents.
  • Should we have an Outdoor “Greet and Meet” with the Informational Handout of all the Activity Committees and Q&A from “Newbies” regarding the activity committee they are interested in?
  • How do we do it and still remain safe during this pandemic? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  • We need help in identifying the new shareholders & residents that have come into our park after JAN 10, 2020. Please Text or Email me the names & locations of your new neighbor or friend.
  • More discussion at next Activity Committee Meeting on JANUARY 11 @ 10 AM, OUTSIDE under the Office Carport.
  • CHRISTMAS EVE CELEBRATION, Thurs, DEC 24, 2020 @ 1PM–3PM OUTSIDE under the carport behind the office.


The Activity Committee Executive Board will be hosting a “Christmas Carol Sing-Along” on Christmas Eve Day @ 1-3 PM. We are inviting all musicians to come and play their instruments as we all sing carols, eat Christmas Cookies and drink Fruit Punch (while following CDC guidelines). We have a volunteer offering to play the keyboard. We invite all PB & SB Shareholders & Residents to come and be a part of our Christmas Celebration!!

  • We are looking for solos, duets, trios or groups to sing special Christmas Songs. Please let Shana, Wendy or Anne know via Text or Email if you are willing to volunteer to share your talents (Phone #’s & Email addresses are in the Directory).
  • There will be a reading of the Christmas Story
  • We will all sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” together to close out the celebration before lighting our candles for Luminaries at dusk.
  • Donna Matteson and Barbara Giacchetti volunteered to decorate the Office Carport for Christmas.


  • Due to COVID-19 CDC Guidelines and the PB Board of Director’s Restrictions for our 55+ Park, until further notice, ALL DINNERS, BINGO, ENTERTAINMENT, DANCES & CARD PLAYING are canceled for this season.
  • We have two portable PA Systems with microphones available for use. If electricity is not available one of them is battery operated. Long tables are available if needed. Members will need to bring their own chairs or golf carts as needed.
  • If you decide to have a club meeting, please let Shana Simison know. She will need to know the Date, Time, Location, Equipment Needs, and whether you will be meeting on a regular monthly basis.  
  • Do not call the office to schedule the carport for your meeting. All scheduling of meetings & locations must go through Shana to prevent conflicts.
  • Woodshop - Randy Darr reported that the wood shop is open but they are not having any meetings.
  • Boat & Fish - Carl Shaver reported that Club meetings will begin in January under the carport.
  • Book Club - Jenny Kiel reported that meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month under the carport.
  • Golf League – Jim Gath reported leagues will continue to meet at Pinebrook-Ironwood on Tuesdays @ 12:30PM.
  • Bowling – Barbara & Beverly Price reported that bowling starts January every Wednesday @ 9:30AM.

Motion to adjourn made by Wendy Graf and seconded by Shana Simison.

Respectively Submitted by Shana Simison



Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

Activity Committee Rules (10 MB)