Paradise Bay Activities Committee                       

Minutes of December 9, 2019 Meeting – 20 Members in Attendance

  • The meeting was called to order by Peggy Neely at 10:00 a.m.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  • Prayer was led by Dan Smith
  • Anne Osgood read the Minutes from the previous meeting. The minutes were accepted with a motion from Carl Shaver and seconded by Betty Trader.

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Graff:

Account balance - $10,150. Jean Colson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Sue Cassidy 2nd the motion with all in favor.

President’s Report – Peggy Neely:

  • Peggy ordered 2 new coffee urns. Wendy will reimburse Peggy for the coffee urns. Shana Simison and Anne Osgood found 2 new coffee urns while cleaning out the annex supply closet. Peggy says she will donate a coffee urn to Sara Bay. We now have 5 coffee urns to use. Carl Shaver will engrave them.
  • Ladies Fellowship & Historical Society needs a locker. Peggy stated that all the lockers and closets are overdue for a clean out. Most of the decorations will be put in a different location and the Christmas decorations will continue to remain in the hall. There are 7 to 8 cabinets full and we need to make room for Ladies Friendship since they have been storing 4-5 totes in the annex supply closet. Susan Miller will have some of the members sort through the storage totes before the Wednesday Ladies Fellowship meeting.
  • The office needs a copy of all locker & storage keys that committee members have. Peggy will have copies made of the decoration locker keys and return them to Lyn.
  • Peggy stated that the only money coming into the Activity Committee account is from Jean Colson from the table rentals at the craft bazaar, the Italian dinner and Bayfest. The activity committee has always paid for paper goods for all committees. More volunteers would be appreciated for the Christmas Eve Open House, the Italian dinner and Bayfest. She would like to see more committee donations be given to the Activity Committee.
  • Peggy states that Bingo and Ladies Friendship take donations to turning points but that also, the Salvation army will pick up donations. Sue Miller offered to take things to turning points. There are also 2 large bags of decorated pink bras that were found in one of the lockers. Gerry Estabrook will call another park to see if they would be interested in them and will let Peggy or Anne know if she finds someone.


New Business

  • Sue Cassidy says the historical committee would like to store some items in the annex supply closet. Peggy Neely states that only kitchen supplies and equipment should be in this closet. Once all the lockers are cleaned out the Historical Committee could have one of the lockers.
  • Anne Osgood stated that when the new management came, they found multiple keys with no identifying tags thrown in cans & jars. Some locks had to be replaced due to missing keys. The office management has asked Peggy to collect keys from all committee members so duplicate keys can be made for the office staff. If your committee keys are not turned in, the lock will be changed, and new keys will be given out to those who need them. She stressed the importance of key management and that those with keys should never have copies of keys Notify Peggy if a key is requested and she will have them made as needed.  Jim Kleiner asked if any of these keys were to any homes in the park. Carl Shaver stated that all unit keys are secure. Peggy asked all Chairpersons to make a list of all members in their committee who currently have keys.
  • Peggy says all signs and banners need to be stored properly in a safe place accessible for next time use. She states that the signs and decorations can be stored in the garage storage by the Helms House. Jean Colson says she has large clear bags for signs and banners to be stored so we can see what they are.
    • Jim Kleiner states bocce has used the garage storage at the Helms house for years. Peggy stated she would like to use only one corner and she will make sure Jim Kleiner has a key.
  • Peggy states that in order to create a 2020 Directory, all the resident information needs to be verified. The office is having difficulty getting into the Paradise Bay Emails and is unable to retrieve Emails.   Therefore, Peggy will have her street captains deliver “Information Update Forms” to all the residents. This form asks for current Email addresses and phone numbers. When completed, they are to return the forms to the office.   This will help ensure the accuracy of the resident’s information in the new Directory.
  • Susan Miller says they have had issues before when sending out more than 200 emails at a time. She remembers that in order to do mass emailing, only 199 addresses could go out at one time. Carl Shaver wants to know if Tom Gath, who has maintained our website, and Jim Gath can help with our computer system issues.


Activity Reports/Updates:

Boat & Fish;

Carl Shaver states that Jim Gath is updating the boat assist list. Carl reports that Gary Armor and Joyce Stepanski went to the Sara Bay coffee hour this morning to explain about the boating and fishing club. We are doing all we can to develop key relationships and a positive image, with no politics. Carl states all his officers have keys to their lockers. Peggy asked for a boat assist list, Carl says he will make sure she gets an updated list.


Joyce Nicholson says she wants to introduce a new feature about new residents in the park. Let the new resident put in a paragraph about their self. Joyce is leaving Wednesday, so e-mail is the best way to get her your articles for the newsletter. The deadline for the January articles is Dec 23 due to the holiday. Carl Shaver suggested that some people may be reluctant to write something for the paper so how about having women from the Ladies Friendship Club interview the new residents.

Craft Bazaar:

Jean Colson states it was a tremendous show. There were 18 vendors which is the most she has ever had. Jean says she did not charge 2 people as their tables did not have lights above them. The bazaar was advertised in the Bradenton Herald plus an online add. Jean says she took in $200 and gave $156 to the activity committee. The next show is on Feb. 1st and Jean would like to have a second person to help her so they can also know what she does.


Gerry Estabrook says that trivia was canceled due to a lack of interest. Most of the residents will be back in January. Gerry will schedule another game as soon as Anne Osgood gives her some January dates.


Marilyn Morrisey states that oil and acrylic painting will start on January 2nd and watercolors begin on January 7th.


Rainy Dula says the bloodmobile was here for the craft bazaar but only 5 people donated blood. It will be here again in January for the next bazaar. Gerry Estabrook recommended putting an article in the Newsletter regarding the bloodmobile to encourage residents to sign up to give blood.

Welcome Committee:

The Welcome Reception is on January 10 from 1-3pm. All Committees should be represented.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sally Seighman and seconded by Rainy Dula.

Respectfully submitted by Shana Simison

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

Activity Committee Rules (10 MB)