Paradise Bay Activities Committee                       

Minutes of November 25, 2019 Meeting – 24 Members in Attendance

  • The meeting was called to order by Anne Osgood at 10:00 a.m.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
  • Prayer was led by Carl Shaver
  • Anne Osgood read the Minutes from the previous meeting. The minutes were accepted with a motion from Carl Shaver and seconded by Jim Gath with all in favor.
  • Treasurers Report deferred as the Treasurer; Wendy Graff is not yet in the park.                                            

President’s Report:

  • Peggy Neely announced she will be resigning in March as President of Activities. She states that Anne Osgood will be ready to step in as the new Activity Committee President.
  • Larry has taken over the Bulletin Board for the season. “Thank You” to Shana & Allen Simison for volunteering to do it during the summer months. If you need something to go up on the board, please let Larry know in advance.
  • Peggy announced that Anita Cook will no longer be organizing Luminaries. Since no one has volunteered to lead this, it will no longer be a park event. Peggy stated that residents & renters were welcome to do it on their own. Anne Osgood suggested that the neighbors could be responsible to organize it on their own streets.

Vice President’s Report:

  • Anne Osgood has updated the “Activity Committee Heads” List with Phone #’s, Street Addresses & E-Mail Addresses. A copy was passed around for everyone to verify that their information was correct. If you know of friends who are not receiving the meeting minutes, please let me know so we can follow up with them to get their correct emails.    

Old Business:

  • Peggy stated that she would like to see about getting a TV for the Annex to accommodate Dan Smith’s request for his Bible Study. This would eliminate the need to move the TV (located on the stage) back & forth. Randy Darr suggested using one of the 2 TV’s found in the Maintenance garage and putting the larger screen TV on the wall in the Annex. Peggy will follow up to see if this can be done.
  • Peggy stressed the importance of getting the Room “Set-Up Plans” completed so the office can put them in Binders for the new Maintenance staff. These will be used to help ensure the tables/chairs are set up according to all your Meeting & Event activities. Joyce Shaver requested a floor plan so she could submit one for the Welcome Reception. Anne will provide that for her.


New Business


  • Debra Rogers, BOD Secretary, announced they were in the process of creating a “Standards Operating” manual. This will improve communication and standards of practice throughout the park.   All contributions are welcomed.
  • Betty Trader said we use to have 6 Coffee Urns. We only have 3 left and 1 of them leaks. We now only have two.   After much discussion, Betty made a motion to buy 3 new Coffee Urns, Joyce Shaver 2nd it and all were in favor. Carl Shaver recommended engraving all of them with the “Activity Committee” name. Carl owns an engraver and has volunteered to do this.
  • Carl Shaver stated, “when hosting coffee hour he did not know it was their responsibility to re-stock the condiments” used on the tables before putting them away in the cupboards.
  • Sue Cassidy has a list of tasks for the Coffee Hour servers taped to the door in the kitchen. Betty Trader said the extra condiments are under the kitchen sink in the right-side cabinet. Anne stated that this list will need to be updated and will follow up with Sue when she is back in the park after Thanksgiving.
  • Peggy recommended we needed at least 1 more person to be willing to work with Betty to learn the tasks needed for “Coffee Hour” mornings. She arrives at the hall with a check to pay for the donuts and waits for the delivery from 5:45 am – 6:15 am. She prepares the coffee and sets up the cart for the “Servers” to come in and set up the tables. There is much to be done behind the scenes and it would be helpful to have more volunteers willing to take turns. If there is anyone who would like to volunteer to work with Betty in learning her tasks, please let Betty know or contact Peggy Neely or Anne Osgood. There are 11 Coffee Hours in the season, the more who volunteer, the less “early morning get ups” for everyone.
  • There has been much cleaning and organizing of the Maintenance Garage by park volunteers. Albert Nieman announced that 4-5 boxes of Styrofoam cups, paper towels & 4 rolls of plastic tablecloths have been found. Albert will deliver them to Peggy to be stored in the PB Supply Closet. Carl Shaver has a 10-Watt Power Horn that was also found in the Maintenance Garage. Peggy stated this could be used for Bayfest. Jim Gath recommended storing it in the Bayfest Storage Room. Jim announced that there are also tents, games & a gas grill that has been kept in the Bayfest Storage Room.
  • Jim Kleiner states that his wife, Anna offered to decorate the 2 Christmas trees that are usually put up in the PB Hall & Annex for Lyn Kalman who is the Chair of the Decorating Committee. Lyn will not be getting to the park until later in December. No one knows where the 2 Christmas trees are. One of the trees that is used belongs to Sue Cassidy. Albert Nieman stated there was a whole truckload of Christmas decorations, blow ups, lights & Christmas tree decorations. Betty Trader stated that she was given a new looking tote full of Christmas decorations that was found in the Maintenance Garage during the clean out. She put the tote in the garage behind the Helms house. She will use some of them for the outside park Christmas Decorations.
  • Albert Nieman announced there are 6 storage rooms in the laundry area. Room #1-Hot Water Storage room, where several tables are being stored to be used for block street parties. Room #2 - “The Chemical Room”, where chemicals are stored & used by maintenance to clean the bathrooms. Room #3-Several totes owned by the Tavelaires are stored here. Room #4-located facing 3rd St, Dock parts are stored here. Room #5-A small storage room with shelving. Room #6-Cleaned out lots of garbage & most of the tables & chairs are here. Many storm windows & doors here to close down the swimming pool area. Lots of wood to cover SB windows & to be used as needed in storm conditions.

Activity Reports/Updates:

  • Euchre: Mary Fox announced that Euchre will begin on Jan 6, 2020 in the PB Annex. Games will start promptly at 6:30 pm. No one will be allowed to play once he games have begun so please be sure to arrive on time. It costs $1 to play. If any questions, call Mary Fox @ 517-605-6509, leave a message or just stop by (6-J Street). Everyone Welcome.
  • Exercise Class: Barbara Giacchetti is replacing Barbara Tasket who has stepped down as leader for the Exercise class on M-W-F. Barbara will let Anne know how much room they will need in the hall in front of the stage. Maintenance will take down or move the tables as needed. Exercise will be held in the Annex on Coffee Mondays & Pancake Fridays. Maintenance will need to know those dates so they can take down the card tables. Anne will provide those dates to the office.
  • Historical Committee: Brenda Ocenasek announced that they no longer have a photographer to take pictures of the activities in the park. If you know of anyone who would like to do this, please let Brenda know.    
  • Boating & Fishing: Carl reported that there was a Boating Safety Course held by the Coast Guards on Saturday, Nov 23 with 10 people taking the class. Rick Plite helped organize it and there will be another course offered if others request it.
  • Christmas Bazaar: Being held on December 7. Rainy Dula reminded everyone that the Bloodmobile will be outside the PB Hall and people need to sign up to give blood.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Betty Trader and seconded by Larry Neely @ 11:20 am.

Respectfully submitted by Anne Osgood, VP

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

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