Paradise Bay Activities Committee Meeting

Minutes of November 11, 2019

Shana Simison called meeting to order @ 10:00 AM

VP, Anne Osgood welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Anne presiding over meeting with President, Peggy Neely present.

Veterans were recognized and Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Prayer by Dan Smith

  • Minutes stand as posted from the last meeting on March 25, 2019 with no additions or corrections.
  • Treasurers Report has been deferred until the December meeting as the treasurer is not yet in the park.
  • President - Peggy Neely asked Debra Rogers (BOD Secretary in attendance) if she could help find a volunteer to do the resident directory. In order to have the most current list of Board Members and Chairs in the new Directory, this needs to go to press after all elections in April 2020 to be available to residents by end of summer and beginning of Next Season. Debra agreed to help find someone.
  • Peggy announced that coffee and donuts will be free at coffee hour.

She would like to purchase 2 more square card tables to be used for Bingo. Jean C. made the motion to purchase 2 square tables like the ones we currently use. Donna Pehl seconded the motion and all were in favor.

  • Laura Lee proposed to use regular & flavored creamer instead of the powdered and that there be regular coffee in addition to the decaf. She made the motion and Anne O. seconded it. All were in favor.
  • Peggy sadly reported that we no longer have a car club or a Doorman for Bingo as Marlin Schneider passed away.
  • Bingo - Peggy says Bingo starts tonight, doors open at 4:30 and Bingo starts at 6pm with Bocce doing the hot dogs. Shana and Anne will shadow Peggy to learn how to run the game to give Peggy a break when needed.
  • Peggy says to bring donations for homeless and vets during Bingo, they are also accepting bikes, Roger Jones helps with the bikes. She & Larry will deliver the donations.
  • VP Report - Anne will be passing out Room Templates to Committee Chairs for them to Design Meeting/Event “Set-Up” plans to scale. Four Booklets will be created with the most current and accurate design plans to help enable our new Maintenance staff when setting up the rooms for our various meetings, functions and events. They will reside in the PB Hall, Maintenance, the PB Office and the Activity Committee will hold onto the masters for needed changes, additions updates. Anne will be asking some of you to stay after the meeting for details and instruction.
  • Save The Date: The memorial service will be held on March 8th at 6pm
  • Thank you to all the volunteers who keep activities going throughout the summer (Sue Cassidy, Shana Simison for filling in for Wendy, Treasurer, Allen Simison for Bulletin Board, Ann Hockin for water aerobics and helping coordinate the Dining Out group, all the ladies who keep Thursday afternoon fun cards going and to all “Year Round” residents for participating and making the summer months fun, “Thank You” to All.
  • Anne stated that it is “never a good thing to have a 1-person Committee. It is always a good idea for at least 2 people to be able to run each committee and know the Activity process and procedures in the absence of the other (in case he/she should win Megabucks and decide to move to London) someone else should have the same knowledge to carry on……
  • Bayfront Flowers - Tom Colson needs a volunteer to pick up the geraniums, Peggy & Larry Neely volunteered to pick up the flowers. Planting will be Friday the 29th at 10 am. Volunteers are needed to help plant and water the geraniums. Sign-Up Sheets available. Four new pots were purchased as voted on at last meeting.
  • Newsletter - Joyce Nicholson reminded everyone that the newsletter deadline is still the 25th each month.
  • Cards/Pinochle starts this week on Wednesday nights at 6:30, $1 to play.
  • Horseshoes - Robert Palmer says Horseshoes have started and they would like to have more people come to play. Especially more women.
  • Sunshine Club - Joyce Shaver says the Sunshine club meeting will be December 13 and will be posted on the calendar and on the marquee.
  • Welcome Reception - Joyce also reports that the Welcome reception will be held January 10, 2020 at 1pm. She is collecting a list of new people and will show them the various activities that they can become involved in. It would be good for all Committee Chairs or at least 1 Committee representative to attend to promote their activity and meet and answer questions to all our Newcomers. Carl provided a list of all the various activities with their details last season to the new residents. Anne will be updating this list and have it available for the Jan 10th Welcome Reception.
  • History Club - Brenda Ocenasek reported, “not much happening right now”, most of her members are not back yet.
  • Bible Study - Dan Smith will be holding Bible study at 10am on Thursdays beginning January 9th. There will be a guest speaker this year, Rick Speaks, he will be teaching on the book of Mark. Dan requested to use the TV system that is used for Exercise Class water aerobics in the Bible study. He would like to have it rolled over to the Annex after they are done using it by 10 am on Thursdays.
  • Bocce Club- Sue Cassidy reported that the Bocce club will continue to sell hotdogs on Monday nights. Jim Kleiner has had people volunteer for this month to serve hot dogs.
  • Boating & Fishing Club - Carl Shaver reports that the boating and fishing club meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of every month. Coffee and donuts are free at these meetings. Club members served @ the Nov 4th coffee hour and will be serving again January 6. The annual Frank and Bean dinner is one of their Fund Raisers being held on January 25 and they will also be hosting the Easter dinner, Susan Miller will be coordinating again this year. There will be a fishing captain coming to speak on the red tide. We previously have had 228 members in our club. We had 62 members in attendance at our first club meeting which is the highest attendance we’ve ever had in the month of November. have signed up 62 more just in November. Bill Booher gave an excellent fishing report. We are working on changing our shirt logo by shortening the name to “Boat & Fish” and adding Sara Bay. Rick Plite is our coordinator for the coast guard. The boating and fishing club have a “Boaters’ Assist” list, if you are in trouble and need help, even if you have car trouble, you can call someone from this list and they will help you. Peggy requested a copy of the list be provided to the Activity board; Carl will make sure she gets one.

* Carl proposed and made a motion that birthdays during the summer be celebrated also during Dec, Jan Feb and March. Irene Crotty seconded the motion, all were in favor, none opposed. He gave his proposed schedule to Anne to provide for Coffee Hour.

  • Trivia – Gerry Estabrook announced the next Trivia Contest is November 22. Please Sign-Up, the sheet is in the PB Hall on the Bulletin Board. Anne Osgood & Jim Gath will be providing 100 Questions. We will try to play at least 4 times this season, Dates to be determined. $1 to play, winners take all.
  • Bazaar & Craft Shows - Jean Colson Says the Christmas Bazaar/Craft fair is Saturday, December 7th from 9am to 1pm. She is a one-person committee and would like to invite people to help her. Joyce Nicholson and Shirley Dockery will run the luncheon which starts at 11 am. They currently have 21 Vendor tables for the next Craft Show.
  • I-Pad Class - Joyce will no longer be doing I-Pad classes. If there is anyone who would like to teach these classes, please let Joyce know.
  • Health News - Rainy Dula states the bloodmobile will be here on Dec. 7th from 9am to 1pm. The annual Health Fair is February 26, 2020. She is also in charge of Luminaries at Christmas and will be getting additional volunteers to help her.
  • Pool & Fitness Committee - Steve says there is a meeting tomorrow at 6 pm to show people how to cover the pool. Need volunteers, otherwise the pool will be closed at 4:30. The Sign-up sheet to cover the pool will be in the office. There needs to be at least 3 people to cover the pool. When the temp is below 60 degrees, the pool must be covered. The spa cover needs to be put on the rack and not on the concrete. Please keep the fitness area clean, wipe down the equipment after your done using it.
  • Dinners - Thanksgiving dinner will be put on by Shuffleboard and is free to residents. You can register at the next coffee hour. Shana is taking the registrations. Christmas dinner is being coordinated by Darnell Darr. She needs volunteers to help serve and will be letting us know her needs at the next meeting.   The Italian dinner is Jan 18th and Anne O will coordinate. John Mattie is cooking; Tickets are $10 and the time is TBD. Christmas open house will be coordinated by Shana S. Sue Cassidy and Kathleen Turk have volunteered to help coordinate as well
  • Ladies Friendship Club - Jean Colson says the Ladies Friendship will not be meeting this month. They have a pot luck dinner meeting each month and sell hot dogs at the community yard sale.
  • Entertainment - Randy Darr says they are financed well and ready to pick new entertainment for 2021.
  • Woodshop - Randy is the Treasurer of woodshop and says membership for the wood shop is $20 and their Trash to Treasure sale is the same day as the Christmas Craft Bizarre.
  • Water Aerobics – Janet Kramer has stepped down and Ann Hockin will be taking over as Water Aerobics Chair. Ann bought a new CD player since the old one just stopped working. Peggy said the Activity Committee will reimburse her for this equipment.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Carl S. and seconded by Rainy D. @ 11:15 am

Respectively Submitted by Shana Simison, Exec Board Assistant – Amended by Anne Osgood 11/20/2019

Activities Committee

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