Paradise Bay Activities Committee                                           

Minutes of March 25, 2019 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Peggy Neely at 10:30 a.m.                        

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Prayer was said by Carl Shaver.

The minutes of the last meeting were posted. There were no additions or corrections so the minutes will stand as posted.

Treasurer’s report was given by Wendy Graf. The bank balance is $11,868.92. The report will stand as read.

President’s report-Peggy Neely-She wished everyone who is leaving a safe trip home.

Vice President’s report-Anne Osgood-The list of the officers of the Activities Committee and the heads of some of the activities in the 2019 Directory is not up to date. Therefore, if there are any new officers or chairpersons of an activity/club, please let Anne know. She is updating the list for 2019-2020. She plans to make copies available to pass out with the next newsletter. In order to have the most up to date list in the current directory, the next new directory will go to press in April 2020 and be available in the summer of 2020. That will make it possible to include any changes for 2020-2021.

Activity report/update


Dances-Debbie Greeves-There will be live music on Wed., March 27th at 5-8 p.m. behind the office. Bring a dish to pass, chairs, and coolers. She plans to make a request at the Board of Directors’ meeting in April for a large covered pavilion.

Woodshop-Bruce Wagner-Mary Fox reported that they have sold a lathe. They will be purchasing a new one.

Bayfront flowers-Tom Colson-We have enough waterers for the geraniums. We plan to take them down on April 24th. The people who would like to pick any up need to bring containers to put them in. Peggy stated that a large pot in front of the Rec. Hall was broken. Betty Trader made a motion to buy 2 pots costing up to $500.00. It was seconded by Sue Cassidy. It passed with a unanimous vote.

Ladies Friendship Club-Heidy Kiess-There was a Fashion show last Thursday with about 150 ladies attending. Our next meeting is April 10th. We have given away almost $3,000.00.

Boating & Fishing Club-Carl Shaver-We have 206 members. We will be assisting Susan Miller with the Easter Dinner on April 21st.   A lot of people will be leaving the park to go home before then so they need volunteers other than members of the Boating and Fishing Club.

Bocce Club-Jim Kleiner-Bocce season and end of the year tournament are over. This Thursday is the Awards Banquet at Duff’s at 6 p.m.

Historical Committee-Brenda Ocenasek-Dick Estabrook is taking pictures of current activities. They are still doing interviews of people who have been in the park for a long time or know some who has to find out what it was like in the past.

Entertainment-Randy Darr-They ratified a set of By Laws. He gave the officers a copy for our records.

Newletter-Joyce Nicholson-Just a reminder, today is the deadline for the newsletter.

Old Business

Revised Rules-After a lot of discussion, there were four changes made to the revised Rules before they were voted on: under Section B. Executive Board, No. 6. Shall oversee all activities, clubs and organizations in Paradise Bay Estates was added and removed from the President’s duties; the time of the meeting was changed from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.; under Section H. Voting No. 1 A list of one representative from each activity and the Executive Board (the President does not vote unless there is a tie) will be used for all votes. Voting shall consist of a written vote or roll-call vote (decided by the Executive Board) by representatives on the current voting list replaced Four (4) officers of the Executive Board and all members who attend the Activities Committee meetings on a regular basis will have Voting Privileges ; No. 3. The Executive Board has the authority to stop the voting procedure as they deem necessary was removed. Karen R. read the changes that were made.  Randy D. made a motion to accept the new Rules as were presented by the Secretary. Betty T. seconded the motion. A vote was taken with 20 voting yes and 2 voting no. Therefore, the new Rules with the changes were approved.  

New Business


Election-Vice President and Treasurer-there were no new nominees for either office. Jim K. made a motion to reelect Anne Osgood as Vice President and Wendy Graf as Treasurer. Sue C. seconded the motion. It passed with a unanimous vote.

Election of Board Assistant-Peggy N. asked Shana Simison to be the new Board Assistant. She accepted the position. Carl S. made a motion to accept Shana S. as the new Board Assistant for a two year term. Heidy K. seconded the motion. It passed with a unanimous vote.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Joyce N. and seconded by Larry N. at 12 p.m.

Respectively submitted by Karen Rimatzki, Secretary

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

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