January 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Paradise Bay Activities Committee

Minutes of January 14, 2019 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Peggy Neely at 9:30 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as posted.

Treasurer Report given by Wendy Graf was approved as read. We have a balance of $9,212.68.

Peggy announced that all Committee Chairs must have their Annual Treasurer's Reports in to her no later than April 15, 2019.

Old Business:

Glenda Mattinen, 12 2nd St, asked why the Activities Committee paid for the Sara Bay Bulletin Board. Jim Kleiner suggested we go to the Board of Directors for reimbursement. Carl Shaver stated this issue was already voted for and it is a done deal. Peggy agreed that this is the way the Committee voted and all discussion was closed.

A "Thank You" card from Phyllis Cook was read. She was very grateful for the beautiful flowers the Activities Committee sent her in memory of her husband Karl.

Bayfront Flowers, Tom Colson reported that they used the 2 big pots from the office to replace the broken ones in front of the hall and they only had to purchase 2 smaller pots to put in front of the office. The total spent was $278.23.

New Business:

Peggy introduced Anne Osgood who she appointed as acting Vice President to replace Cindy Cole. The Executive Team's Vice President & Secretary positions will be open for nominations in February. Voting will take place during the March 25th Activities Committee Meeting.

Carl Shaver suggested that the Executive Committee Executive Board members should be called Chair Person & Co-Chair Person instead of President & Vice President, since the Board of Directors use the latter. Peggy commented that this frame of mind was raised by a past shareholder who "had a problem" with it.  

The Rules and Regulations are up for review. Members agreed that the Executive Team will make revisions as they deem necessary and they will be presented and voted on at the March 25 meeting.

The Italian Dinner will be held February 23. John Mattei has agreed to be the chef again. He heard comments about the Rigatoni being too big for some of the residents to eat so he will be doing Ziti and a tossed salad this year. Gerry Estabrook (in Phyllis Cook's absence) was pretty sure the tickets would be available for the next Coffee Hour for the Registration Table. Gerry & Phyllis will do the flyers for this event.

BayFest - Debbie Greeves (Dance Committee) is "donating back" to the Activities Committee by providing a band free of charge to play at BayFest on March 2, 2019. The "Soul R Coasters" will be playing from 5 pm - 8 pm. She would like to have them set up outside. Debbie will check with the office to see if they can set up under the office car port. Peggy will follow up with Roger Jones to see what we have for canopies or tents that could be used. Debbie recommended that "Tacos in a Bag" be provided for during the Dance, she offered to provide the meat for the tacos - No final decisions made.  The BayFest Luncheon which will run from 1pm - 3pm and will consist of Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and Chips. Since the Root Beer Floats were such a hit last year, they will be included in the $5 Admission Ticket.. Robin Smith and the Pickleball Team have volunteered to cook and serve the food. The Parade will happen at 9:30am and everyone is encouraged to decorate their golf carts and bikes so they can be in the parade. A recommendation was made to have the Golf Cart Rodeo start at 3:30 instead of 4:00 to ensure enough time for everyone to get ready for the Dance at 5 pm - Peggy will follow up with Jim Gath. We have all the Games from previous years but need volunteers to come forward to run them. We welcomed two newcomers to our meeting, Shanna & Alan Simonson from 61 2nd Street. Alan suggested a new game called "Cake Walk". It's similar to musical chairs and the "last man/woman sitting" wins a cake. Please encourage more new people to come to our meetings.

Ideas for New Games to Add to our Social Calendars:

  • Gerry Estabrook and Sally Seighman recommended a "Trivia Contest" with 100 trivia questions. Can play individually or in groups. Charge $1.00 to enter/person…. All the money can go towards prizes. The group thought it was a great idea and that we could do it once to see how it went and perhaps do it monthly. Gerry & Sally will schedule a date in February and send out a flyer announcing the Rules.
  • Other suggestions were:
    • Competitive Dart Games, a night of Lip Synching to songs, a talent show, a karaoke night
  • A new person in the park approached Peggy about starting a Chess Club.

Committee Reports:

Jean Colson informed us that the Craft Bazaar will be in the Rec Hall on February 2 from 9am to 1 pm. None of the vendors want to set up in the Annex. The Friendship Club will provide lunch. The hall will be closed on the day before, Friday 2/1, for the vendors' set-up. Once the crafts are in the hall it will be closed to everyone. No one will be allowed in the hall, annex or library after 3:00pm Friday.

Carl Shaver - The Memorial Service for Karl Cook is on February 2 at 11:00am at the West Bradenton Baptist Church.

Joyce Shaver reported that the Welcome Reception went very well. There were 26 new people and 28 residents were there to welcome them and answer their questions as they mingled around tables with very tasty refreshments.

Carl Shaver, Boating & Fishing Club - Tickets are available for the Frank & Bean Dinner on January 26. Get your tickets!!

Debbie Greeves - Dances will be held on February 9 and March 9. Mary Fox & Darnel Darr will be selling Tickets. Debbie mentioned an estimate on a covered gazebo to be constructed at the end of the Dead End Street by the pool. She received 2 different bids. The lowest bid being $75,000.00. This is higher than she thought it would be. She has decided to table this idea.

This months' Newsletter came out with dark shadows on the pages. Joyce Nicholson reported that she followed up with the office and they said it was their printer. Joyce assured us that It will be resolved.

Brenda Ocenasek, Historical Committee Chair, reported a need for more volunteers to help her sort the stacks of pictures she has accumulated. Sue Cassidy has helped with the Display Case which took several hours. She would like to interview residents who have been in the park more than 10-20 years and would like to take pictures as well. Thank You to Shana Simison, 61 2nd St, for offering to help Brenda and her committee with this project!

Robin Smith, Pickleball Chair, The team members are having an Open House at the courts on Friday, January 17. Come and be a part of their Grand Opening!! Enjoy refreshments as you watch them play.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectively Submitted by Anne Osgood, Acting VP, (Filling in for Karen Rimatzki, Activities Secretary).

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from November through March and oversees the clubs and events for the park.

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