Paradise Bay Activities Committee                    

Minutes of March 19, 2018 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by Peggy Neely at 9:30 a.m.                         

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Minutes from the previous meeting were posted and accepted as posted.

Karen R. stated that she updated the list of the clubs belonging to the Activities Committee on the website with the description and contact person’s name that is listed on the Welcome Reception paper. Several people mentioned they were having difficulty accessing the websites. Karen said she would contact Tom Gath to try to resolve the problem. Also, if any information needs to be added or changed, please contact Karen.     

Treasurer’s report was given by Wendy Graf. Our beginning balance was $14,950.00. There were deposits from pancake breakfast, donuts, and Bayfest. Our expenses included a donation for the cement by the Pickle Ball court, eight new card tables, and kitchen supplies. Our current balance is $13,211.00. We received a donation of $75.00 from the Shuffleboard Club, thank you. There were no questions about the report. The report will stand as read.

Chairperson-Peggy Neely-The Shuffleboard Club is organizing the Thanksgiving Dinner for next season. There was some discussion about who would be organizing the Christmas Dinner next season. Sue C. stated she would talk to Jim K. about that.

Vice-Chairperson-Cindy Cole-Next year’s calendar is finalized with open dates for more dinners. The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Dinners are scheduled but would like to see possibly a Western, St. Patrick’s or any other type of dinner added to the calendar for next season.

Art Class-Marilyn Morrisey-The Art Show was yesterday and it was wonderful. There was a very good response from the residents in our park that saw the wonderful work from our artists. Thank you to everyone who helped.

Bayfest-Peggy Neely-She said in order to have the games like we did in the past, we will need someone to organize them. She asked if anyone present was willing to do that but did not get a volunteer. She mentioned that Bayfest is for Paradise Bay and Sarasota Bay to have fun together. She said she would be willing to organize the lunch.   Also, she thinks Jim G. would still be willing to manage the Parade and Golf Cart Rodeo.

Bayfront Flowers-Tom Colson-The flowers will be watered through April. The purchase of new flowers for next season will be decided by November 2018.

Bible Study-Dan Smith-Our weekly Bible Study on Thursdays will end March 29th for this season. We appreciate the opportunity to have it. We have had a good attendance of various church affiliations.

Billboard-Larry Neely-If any changes need to be made, please contact Larry.

Bingo-Peggy Neely-The last Bingo is April 9th. The first Bingo for next season is November 12th.

Boating and Fishing Club-Carl Shaver-The membership is up to 210 members; the most it has ever been. The Annual Fish Fry luncheon for members will be on Friday, March 23rd at 12 p.m. Jim W. and his helpers plan to be feeding about 140 members. There is a Fishing Contest tomorrow but it might be raining. We are hosting the Easter Dinner on April 1st which is being managed by Susan Miller. We, also, plan to host the Easter Dinner in 2019. The last meeting for the Club this season is April 3rd.

Cards(Euchre)-Mary Fox-We had a good season with up to 28 people playing on Monday nights but usually 4 tables. We will continue to play in April.

Cards(Pinochle)-Heidy Kiess-We had a very good season with up to 20-22 people playing. There is no official last night, yet. If people want to play, we will continue.

Clogging-Glenda Mattinen-We will be finishing the end of March. We had a lot of fun this year.

Craft & Hobby Show-Jean Colson-If anyone attends a local craft show, please give vendors my name. Our shows are the first Saturday in December and March. We are always looking for new vendors.

Book Club-Jinny Kiel-We had about 14 regular members this year. Our last regular meeting is today. For anyone that is still here in April, we will be having a social get together.

Dances-Debbie Greeves-We started having dances last year. We had a dance in February and one in March, this year. They are very popular. The last dance was sold out with 130 people attending. We have been self-funded so after all our expenses, we have a balance of $1,039.00. Debbie has an idea of a donation she would like to make that is up for discussion. At the last dance, Debbie asked the attendees if they would like to have live music in the evening of Bayfest after the Golf Cart Rodeo at 5-8 p.m.  The response was a very popular, resounding yes. Therefore, the Dance committee would pay for a band to perform outdoors, in order to accommodate a large audience. There was a lot of discussion about where this would take place. It was decided that it could be done in the pool parking lot and at the end of the street. She said that Soul R Coaster has already agreed to be here on March 2, 2019, the scheduled day for Bayfest. She will, also, contact food trucks to be there for dinner. Debbie G. made a motion to have a live band and food trucks for the evening of Bayfest. The motion was seconded by Mary F. It passed with a unanimous vote.

Decorations-Lynda Kalman-Peggy mentioned that new decorations had been purchased. The Hall always looks nice.

Entertainment-Linda Ramsey-Bert S. stated that in the past couple of years we have had 232 season ticket holders. This year there are 154 that have renewed their season tickets. Even though there is less, we are still fine financially. There are five shows lined up for next year with the contracts signed.

Kitchen Supplies-Sue Cassidy-Everything is ok.

Ladies Friendship Club-Heidy Kiess-The Fashion Show was a great success. During the Park-wide Sale we sold 300 hot dogs. We are selling bracelets for $5.00 with the proceeds going to purchase, hopefully, 2 bicycles for the homeless vets. We are going to donate $150.00 to the Activities Committee. We will be having a meeting in April just to have a relaxing lunch because we had a very busy season.

Library & Magazines-Sue Cassidy-When people take books home for the summer, please leave the ones that are in a series that people in the park read during summer.

Pancake Breakfast-Arlene Sharpsten-John S. mentioned there were 79 people served at the last pancake breakfast. There are usually 100 or more.

Pickle Ball-Robin Smith-She thanked everyone for the donation to complete the cement work at the Pickle Ball Courts. They are putting the finishing touches on the courts and expect to be on them soon.

Share-a-Craft-Betty Trader-They are working on Christmas tree skirts.

Shuffleboard Club-Bernie Broda-We made a $75.00 donation to the Activities Committee.

Street Captains-Larry Neely-We should have the Directories this week.

Woodshop-Bruce Wagner-Mary F. mentioned that the Trash & Treasure Sale went very well. The date is set for the Rigatoni Dinner for next year.

Bocce Club-Jim Kleiner-John S. presented a $350.00 donation to the Activities Committee. He, also, suggested that each club sponsor a game for the Bayfest.

Old Business


New Business


Election for Chairperson and Secretary-Heidy K. nominated Peggy N. for Chairperson and Karen R. for Secretary. They accepted. They were elected for another term by a unanimous vote.

Debbie G. made a motion for the Activities Committee to investigate building an open air shelter on the east side of the end of EPT and then present a proposal to the Board of Directors. It was seconded by Betty T. There was a lot of discussion about how to construct it, pay for it, etc. It was emphasized that we are just going to investigate at this time. It passed with a unanimous vote.

The last Coffee Hour for this season will be March 26th.  Starting in April, Coffee Hours will be the first Monday of the month.  



A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Larry N. and seconded by Bert S. at 10:35 a.m.

Respectively submitted by Karen Rimatzki, Secretary

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