Ladies’ Friendship Club Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Heidy Kiess, President, at 12:30 pm.  The luncheon was served for 34 members and guests following a poem and prayer by Sylvia Fenton, chaplain.

Guests and new members were introduced to the group and welcomed.

The Treasurer’s report showed a new balance on hand of $3,598.68. Outstanding dues were collected from current & new members.  Fashion show:  cleared $460.80.  Yard Sale:  $827.97 Hot Dog Sales:  $238.  Donations have been sent to FELT (250.00), St. Joseph’s Pantry (250.00), Our Daily Bread (250.00), Hope Family Services (250.00), and Southeast High School Girls Basketball team (200.00) as voted in previous meeting.  The report was approved as read.


Joyce Nicholson read thank-you letters received from those organizations to which we donated last month, as listed above.  Also received a thank you note for the efforts and success of the Fashion style show last week.

Heidy asked for feedback re: the yard sale last weekend.  Discussion was held regarding having the garage sale portion every other year instead of annually, and just selling hot dogs, etc. next year.  The date in 2018 will be the second Saturday of March, 3/10/18.  It was voted by the group to do a food sale only next year, hotdogs & drinks for lunch, and coffee & muffins for breakfast.

Marilyn Stace gave a summary of the information she has found about the group doing a cookbook. Several options are available, no costs were offered, and members discussed their experiences with doing a group cookbook in the past.  It was suggested that there be committee to oversee this project if we are to proceed.  Most were interested in more specific information, such as cost estimates, before making a decision to proceed.  Heidy asked that we each bring several of our own or favorite recipes back with us for the next winter season, and will be continue to look into the options of whether to print them for ourselves as a group, or as a sales fund-raiser.

As the style show was such a success, the group voted to have it again next year, with a tentative date set for March 7, 2018, the first Wednesday in March.  A particular vendor has not been determined at this time. See picture, page 2.


Disbursement of our monies needs to occur, leaving a small amount available for beginning next season before fund-raisers can occur.  The group voted to disburse all monies this year, leaving an amount of $500.00 in our account.   Motion/second was made to give the Fire Dept $250.00 toward their scholarship fund….approved by a group vote.  Motion/second was made to give $1000 to Guide Dog association…..not approved by a group vote.                Motion/second was made to give $500.00 to Guide Dog association…..approved by a group vote.                       Motion/second was made to give $1,000.00 to Hope Family Services……approved by a group vote.

A total of $1,750.00 will be disbursed as per these votes, and additional donations will be considered at next month’s meeting.

Discussion was held regarding end of officers’ terms and whether there is a need for a nominating committee to seek new officers.  Officers were polled about their willingness to run again for another term and all indicated they would serve for another year.  The group voted to approve the current officers for another year, the 2017/2018 season, thus no nominating committee will be necessary.

Shirley Dockery announced that, as she did this year, she is willing to chair the craft bazaar luncheons next year, and would like to do so as a member of the Ladies’ Friendship Club, with our help.  The group showed their approval with applause, acknowledging this would be another fund-raiser our group can do for our charities.  

Next month we will hold a luncheon/meeting as several members will still be here.  The date is April 12, 12:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned with several in the group staying to fill approximately 30 backpack-refill bags for the homeless veterans at Turning Points.

Respectfully submitted,   Joyce Nicholson, Secretary