Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes

Date/Time:            3/11/20  1:00 PM                 Number attending:   23

Meeting started with a Prayer by Susan Miller, followed by lunch served.  The fashion show video and photos were played for the membership during the lunch.

No new members and visitors were identified as present.


Minutes of the last meeting were previously sent by email, posted on bulletin board and club website and members present approved them as posted with an amendment to the amount of $3600 in this year’s donations.  The amended amount is $3550.

Treasurer’s report:  

Fashion Show:  revenue= $696.00,  expenses= 145.33, profit= 550.65, with ½ that pledged to be given to Sarabay Activities for their participation.  Dues revenue= $53.00 

Current balance is $1,703.23 Treasurers report was accepted as presented.


A thank you was offered to all who were involved in helping with the Fashion Show.

Susan shared suggestions & feedback for next year’s Fashion Show as follows:

  • It was too short 
  • split the show & have an intermission, bringing all models onto stage together at the end of first session, then intermission, and bring all models together on stage after second half,  distribute some of the gift bags during the intermission
  • have a rehearsal for the models to feel more comfortable 
  • it was a good idea to keep the talking down, that aspect was better this year 
  • list our charities in the program
  • positive comments were received on the video

Susan M. will contact Bealls to secure a date for next year.

Lori J. thanked everyone for donating to the gift bags…there were a total of 128 and she also thanked those who helped her put them together.  She voiced that she would like to do the gift bags again next year.

Susan announced the Southeast Girls High School basketball team we contribute to made it to the State Finals, but lost there.  They were very appreciative of our donation which allows some girls to go to summer camp and it is the only time some of them get to go out of Bradenton. 

New Business:

-----Susan announced she failed to select a nominating committee at the last meeting per our constitution, so she herself secured commitments from members who are willing to run for office of Secretary & Vice President to be elected at this meeting.  Jean Colson will resign her current term and run for a two yr Vice President term.  Karen Rimatzki will agree to run for the Secretary position.  There were no nominations from the floor and since only 1 person is running for each open position, no vote is needed.  Karen will be the new Secretary, Jean Colson will be the new Vice President, terms beginning Nov. 1, 2020, ending 2022.

-----Sally reported on the upcoming hot dog sales for this Saturday, 3/14.  Signup sheet was sent around for helpers.  400 hot dogs, soda & water are planned.  She reminded everyone we still need baked goods.

-----Susan announced a need to change our constitution to read $5.00 for dues as it was not changed last year when the change was voted on.  No vote is needed at this time to amend the document since the vote was taken already.  Joyce will make the change and send to all members.

 Planned upcoming events for next season:

Craft Fairs    Sat., Dec 5, 2020 & Sat.,  Feb 6, 2021

Hot Dog Sales     Sat., March 13, 2021

Meetings   12/8/202, 1/13/2021, 2/10/2021, 3/10/2021, 4/14/2021

Susan asked that we wait until our next meeting in April to disburse the rest of our funds and leave a cary-over balance of $1,000.

Joyce announced she received a grant of $250.00 for the Solve Maternity Home and will shop and donate supplies to them in the name of the Ladies’ Friendship Club. 

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 PM.  Next meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2020 at 1:00pm.   

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Nicholson, Secretary