Ladies Friendship Club Meeting Minutes 12/13/17

Date/Time:________12/13/17__  12:30 pm___               Number attending:   20

Poem & Prayer by Sylvia Fenton, Chaplain, followed by lunch served


Treasurer’s report:        We have $2,740.43 in our account.   We made $596.59  on the luncheon, $359.99 on the bake sale and $126.00 on the gift basket raffle. 


Old Business:

  1. Thank you notes from F.E.L.T. and Southeastern Guide Dogs were shared with the group.
  2. Heidy thanked all the volunteers who helped with the very successful Luncheon, Bake Sale, and Gift Basket Raffle.


New Business:

  1. Our club is scheduled to sere for the Monday, Dec 18 coffee hour. A show of hands was taken for those who will be here and are willing to volunteer.
  2. Heidy shared information about Linda U. (a park resident) who needs to apply for a new guide dog form “Canine Companions” and it was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to give $500 to this organization to honor her.
  3. It was recommended and approved by a vote of members to give the Activity Committee $100 for use of the kitchen and supplies at the luncheon.
  4. Thank you to all members who helped to contribute to Lisa Guadalupe’s friend & family who lost everything in a fire a few days ago. The club members present voted to donate a $100 Walmart gift card to assist them obtain any items they may still need.
  5. Joyce N. shared information re: new fund-raiser opportunities.

                ---Thrivent Financial will donate $250 for projects we already are involved in and has already applied and                 received the monies to be applied to items for the backpacks for homeless veterans.   Also Susan M will look into                 applying so we can help a family in the park repair post-hurricane roof damage.

                ---Fundraiser opportunity through can earn approx. $500 for our charities.  We can sell veterans-                related bracelets for $5.00 each, must be purchased in lots of 125, discount is available before end of year.

                Members present voted unanimously to proceed with this endeavor and Joyce agreed to order the bracelets to                 have for distribution at our next meeting.

  1. Susan M. explained a program which will help Our Daily Bread organization. It is called 12 Days of Christmas and involves filling boxes with identified staple items.  Members agreed to participate as any interested individuals took a pamphlet and should return their boxes at the next meeting.  If you need more information, contact Susan Miller.
  2. Heidy would like the group to do something fun at a coffee hour and suggested a “Hillbilly Style Show” as a precursor to our Fashion Show in March. She will take the lead to organize.  Several members present were interested in participating.

Upcoming dates:

  1. Luncheon & Bake Sale -- Sat, 2/3, 9-1 pm
  2. Fashion Show – Wednesday, March 7,  1-3 pm, we still need volunteers to model
  3. Parkwide Sale – Sat, Mar 10, and we will not have garage sale items, but will sell hot dogs as usual


The next meeting was announced for Wednesday, January 10 at 12:30 pm.  Remember to bring a recipe to share and also your 12 days of Christmas box if you are participating in this program.  At the end of the meeting, we will be filling bags of backpack supplies for the homeless veterans coming through Turning Points.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, 

Joyce Nicholson, Secretary