Week of Dec 16th






Cortez Kitchen

 Billy Rice Terry Helm  Charlie Morris Band  Tropix

Swordfish Grill

 Jason Harams Blues Jam   Taylor Opie & Company

Tim Chandler 

Doug Deming

Tim Chandler  Ted Stevens & The Doo Shots

Clam Factory

 City Lights  Koko Ray  Dtorm Surge Football

Island Time

 Larry Yunker

Frank Lombardi 

Eric Von

 Eric Von  Chris Warner

AMI Beach Cafe

    Howie & Scott  

Blue Marlin

   Nick Hass  Trevor Bystrom  

Bridge Tender

 Stone Crab Steve  Brigids Cross 3PM   Packers Game


 Bryan Lee Blues Band Sean Chambers Band Damon Fowler with Beth McKee Stretches Acoustic Jam  David Julie Group


Rye Road Band  Karaoke

Jack Tambourine



 Gumbo Boogie

Flight 19


D Coy Ducks

   Local Band Night Live Music  

American Legion


Ugly Grouper

Tim Connolly Doug Bidwell  Charlie Imes Scottie Mac

Caddies Point

 Jason Parker  Paul Anthony Tropical Avenue  Frankie Raye

Motorworks Brewing

Poker Night  Nexxt Level IPA Band Sandi Grecco

Daiquiri Deck St. Armands

Noel Harris DJK Crawford Scott Curts Rebel Heart

Linger Lodge

   Kareoke  John Frinzl  

Peggy's Corral

   Big Daddy Hollywood Band Ellie Lee Christmas Bash       The Ordeal

Woodies River Ru

 Taylor & Taylor Duane   Messenger

Rockin Robin   The Verge

Greg Short   Rob Hamm

Darwin Brewing Co.   The Beat Down  Humming Birds  

Marina Jacks

Kettle Of Fish  Big Z Band   Bain Beakley

Mattison's Bradenton

 Doug Deming Memphis Rub  Hatley Band  Accidentalz

Mattison's City Grill

Venturas Glass Onion Lisa Ridings Band   Debbie Keeton Jazz Band

Meadows Grill

 Rockin Robin  Lisa Ridings Skyway  

Jr.'s Packing House

Gin & Juice Band    Mumbo Jumbo  

Blue Rooster

Singing Divas

Ellie Lee & Blues Fury 

Blacktrack Blues

Gospel Brunch   TrualityBand

Stragglers Bar

    Forbidden Fruit Farmers  Concrete Edgar
Sarasota Sky Bar  t Twinkle  Good Day to Die  

Siesta Keu Oyster Bar

 Barry Oakly Rocklab Gabe Strange


 Whiteleather  Mike Tozier   Kevin Thompson

Stottlemyers Smoke House

   Storm Warning  Rebel Heart  

Skippers Smoke House

Greatful Dead Night Funktastick Soul  Ugly Sweater Party The Fritz with Leisure Chief Randy McAllister

Activities Committee

The PB/SB activities committee meets monthy and oversees the clubs and events for the park.  

Activities Committee Meeting Minutes